Fast X is the first of a potential three-part finale to the Fast Saga, so it’s no surprise that the new movie doesn’t tie up everything in a neat bow.

While we might have expected a cliffhanger, we certainly didn’t expect just how much Fast X would leave unresolved by the time its credits roll with several characters’ fates up in the air, a surprise return to be explained and long-running mysteries left open.

So while we try to recover from the main cliffhanger involving Dom, let’s delve into the new movie to try and outline everything Fast & Furious 11 has to resolve, as well as throwing in some theories of our own.

Major Fast X spoilers follow.

1. Will Dom die?

Let’s start with the biggest of the multiple cliffhangers. Dom and his son Brian are in a major pickle at the end of Fast X, having been lulled into a trap by Dante and devious Agency boss Aimes, who has been working with Dante all along.

Dom and Brian are at the bottom of a dam that has several bombs planted on it by Dante – and they’re about to explode. A massive tidal wave is about to hit Dom and Brian with no obvious form of escape.

Now, it’d obviously been a massive surprise if Dom and his son are killed off before the end of the franchise, so we’re almost positive that they’ll survive. If anything, the more fun thing to do while we wait for the next movie is to work out just how they survive.

Who wants to place bets on Dom and Brian surfing on a piece of their bashed-up car to safety?

2. Are Ramsey, Tej, Roman and Han dead?

When Aimes is revealed to be a devious son of a gun, he displays just how much of a villain he is when he fires a rocket at the plane that’s currently bringing Ramsey, Tej, Roman and Han to Dom’s aid.

The rocket is on target, blowing up one of the plane’s engines and the plane starts to crash off-screen. Will any of them make it out alive? Like with Dom, we’d be surprised if any of them were killed off, but it could be that one of them has run their race.

As for how they could survive, we have a theory. The final shot of them on the plane after the rocket hits conspicuously shows that there are cars on board, so we reckon they get in them and drive off the plane to safety.

In any other series, it would sound far-fetched, but in the Fast Saga, driving off a plane and surviving is a regular occurrence.

3. How is Gisele back from the dead?

Away from the potential deaths, we also get a surprise return from the dead in the final scene of Fast X in the form of Gal Gadot’s Gisele.

Gisele is seen on-board the submarine that shows up to rescue Letty and Cipher in Antarctica, but we don’t get any explanation as to how she’s alive, why she’s on a submarine and whether she’s working with Cipher who appears to be the person that arranged Gisele’s arrival.

We’ve gone into more detail here about how the next movie will potentially reveal that Gisele didn’t actually die in Fast & Furious 6. But the short version is that Mr Nobody might have faked her death like he did with Han.

4. Will Deckard Shaw save his mum?

It’s easy to forget given all the drama going on in Fast X’s finale that Deckard Shaw is off on his own mission at the same time that Dom has been lured into Dante’s trap.

After Dante gets his hands on God’s Eye, he sends mercenaries after everybody who has helped Dom over the years. One of those people is Shaw’s mum Queenie and we see Shaw head off to kill the people who have been sent to kill his mum.

That’s the last we see of Shaw in the movie, but if his history is anything to go by, we reckon he’ll definitely stop the mercenaries. Perhaps he’ll even get a helping hand from his sister Hattie who we haven’t seen since spin-off movie Hobbs & Shaw.

Talking of that movie, Fast X also brings back Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs who, in the credit scene, finds out that Dante is after him too. Could we be set for a Hobbs and Shaw reunion in the next movie as they hunt down Dante?

5. Is Jakob dead?

Everybody’s favourite funcle (fun uncle) Jakob is on babysitting duties in Fast X, protecting Brian from the Agency before it all goes wrong in Portugal and Dante manages to get his hands on Dom’s son.

In order to help Dom evade Dante’s goons and rescue his son, Jakob sacrifices himself to blow up all of the goons’ cars with his cannon car. It’s a pretty spectacular explosion and Jakob is surely now toast.

Any other series, we’d definitely say he was a goner, but this is Fast & Furious and people have survived exploding cars before. It would be a stretch even for this series though, especially as there looked to be no way of escape.

But if they can find a way to bring Jakob back, we wouldn’t be mad at it either.

6. Where is Mr Nobody?

Kurt Russell’s Mr Nobody was missing in Fast & Furious 9 except for flashbacks, and he doesn’t make even a flashback appearance in Fast X.

He has a presence as his daughter Tess is now at the Agency and has taken on his job of protecting Dom, which is needed because Mr Nobody’s replacement Aimes is very much anti-Dom. Aimes even hates BBQs if you want to know just how much he dislikes Dom.

There are a few references to Mr Nobody’s absence throughout the movie, suggesting that this is a mystery that the series will solve. The last we knew of Mr Nobody, his plane was hijacked by Jakob (back when he was a baddie) and it crashed.

When Dom and co went to the crash site though, Mr Nobody was nowhere to be found so he’s clearly gone into hiding. Perhaps the big threat of Dante will be what draws him out though, especially as Dante has the Agency on his side too.

7. Will Mia get anything to do in Fast & Furious 11?

We’re joking here (kind of), but seriously, the Fast & Furious series needs to give Mia something to do in the next movie.

After Jakob takes Brian to protect Dom’s son from the Agency, Mia doesn’t even go with him and we never see her again in Fast X even though, surely, it would make sense for her to head to Dom’s secret rendezvous in Portugal too.

But nope, she’s stuck in Los Angeles for the time being, doing nothing.

Fast X is out now in cinemas.



By Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.