The Vampire Diaries is set to leave Netflix soon

UK fans of The Vampire Diaries better get their latest binge in quick, as the hit show is set to leave Netflix in a few weeks’ time.

The vampire series, which ran between 2009 and 2017, has been available on the streamer in Britain for a number of years, but Netflix UK has confirmed all eight seasons will be leaving on November 1.

While a new home is yet to be confirmed, UK fans of the show are unsurprisingly peeved about the decision, with one tweeting: “Netflix really did look at 2020 and go what could make this worse?? and decided the Vampire Diaries could be removed.”

“Vampire Diaries gets removed from Netflix on the 1st of November ?? 2020 has done nothing but take everything I love from me,” another added.

Meanwhile, a third fan said in no uncertain terms: “I’m not ok. As if Netflix is removing the Vampire Diaries at the end of this month?? Petition to keep it on!! @NetflixUK sort yourself out & remove the irrelevant shows instead, weirdos!!”

Still, fans can at least rest assured that The Originals will still be available, as the spin-off series isn’t listed as leaving.

While The Vampire Diaries came to an end three years ago, stars including Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley have still found time to still hang out together.

The Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore actors came together for an adorable puppy play date recently alongside Paul’s wife Ines de Ramon, with Nina joking on Instagram: “A Dobrev and Do(g)brev Wesley sandwich.”