‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Candice King has shared that she is pregnant with her second child.

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Candice King, the girl who played Caroline Forbes in ‘the vampire drama series’, announced the news on Directionally Challenged, her podcast with former co-star Kayla Ewell.

“I’m a little over five months, so it’s been the entirety of the whole quarantine experience and everything that 2020 has brought us this year,” she said, “and it’s been a journey to say the least.

“I feel comfortable and confident enough to discuss it now. I’m someone who likes to keep the pregnancy to myself and obviously with my partner – my husband (Joe King) – and our immediate friends and family until I feel comfortable and confident that I’m in a good place in my pregnancy and that my baby’s okay and I’m okay as best as we can be.

“I’m finally at that place now, which feels really good.”

Candice also said, that while she feels physically “great”, emotionally it has been more difficult amid the ongoing pandemic.

“It’s been kind of odd to share the experience in discussing it with friends and family because I can’t really physically share the experience of hugging friends right now comfortably, or knowing when I’m going to see my family next – and I haven’t seen them this entire pregnancy so far. And so it’s all weighted on me emotionally.

“It’s been such an emotional experience for everybody navigating [and] having to quarantine and having to keep safe and healthy… It’s been really hard for me to find that feeling comfortable in my joy this time around, because quite honestly I’m quite scared. I’m really scared, and it’s been a fear-based pregnancy so far.”

Candice and Joe welcomed their first child together, Florence, in January 2016. The star is also the stepmother to Joe’s two children from the previous marriage.

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