The Vampire Diaries and V-wars star Ian Somerhalder apologized to his fans in his social media profile.

Here’s what he shared – “Happy New Year nestled and hunkered down deep in the majestic snowy mountains of the Great West of the United States.

Trying to get thousands of images signed, things done and out the door has been my goal. I’ve been so behind on it all and I sincerely apologize to YOU the FANS. I WILL get these @wizardworld signed images to you and so apologize to those who bought these for a loved ones for Birthdays or holidays and I didn’t come through for you. I will now. I will finish what I started and I can’t wait to see you all. You have supported me, you lift me up with your spirits, your thoughts and I appreciate YOU the FANS more than you’ll ever know. 2020 showed us our strengths our weaknesses while 2021 has started in the same manner. I’m going to work even harder this year to bring your great things to share and look forward to. To replenish the mind, body and soul.

In 2020 it was very difficult for me fulfill my promise to you while I was building @brothersbondbourbon and @immortal_ritual while trying to be a good present dad.

I thank you. See you soon and these are going in the MAIL!

With immense gratitude and appreciation,


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