Ian Somerhalder best known as Damon Salvatore from ‘The Vampire Diaries’, just posted some incredible photos of him with a small thank message.

Ian just wrote in his social media profiles a thank message to “nobleman” for giving him a chance to talk about what he is passionate. You can find the whole story of Ian’s passions below. The description of the photo is“Thank you @nobleman for giving me this beautiful
Cover, story and a soapbox to talk about what I’m passionate about: Family, Bourbon, health, environment and pumping positivity into the world. What a great team to safely get this on film in the middle of a pandemic. Shooting with @robertascroft was truly a highlight of my work in this business. What a kind soul and wildly talented man you are my friend- can’t wait to do it again man! Great styling, great people and energy.
My long-time team to make me look good as I search for balance while still somehow grind myself into the ground building my companies @danielcuret & @fabiolamakeup

Dough and Lydia McLaughlin thank you for your kindness, insight and truly stylish platform.

@longines for incredible timepieces. Thank you my long-time gangster team at @wolfkasteler for making this happen. Love you all.

As Tvserieswelove reminds you that the lead actors in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ show Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley launched their own Bourbon brand. The whiskey drink is called ‘Brothers Bond’, named after their characters Damon and Stefan who are brothers.

You can find the photos below:


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