The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln revealed when the first Rick Grimes spin-off movie is expected to start filming.

Andrew departed from the series more than two years ago now, but there have been few updates since then related to the anticipated movie trilogy. Just last autumn, Scott Gimple said that the script for the first film was still being worked on.

The good news is, things appear to be progressing as Andrew has now revealed in an interview that production is planned to kick off within the next few months.

“With good intentions – and if everything works and I can leave my country – I plan to be back in America filming in spring/summer,” he told Extra.

Andrew is currently promoting his new movie Penguin Bloom, also starring Naomi Watts. In a separate interview, he explained why he has been turning down action and horror roles.

“What you have to do is, you have to change people’s perceptions of what you’re able to do as an actor,” he shared. “And so a lot of the scripts I was receiving were great scripts but they were action and they were horror.

“I was waiting for the right story to chime, and then [Penguin Bloom] came along and I instantly loved it. I knew I wanted to be a part of this beautiful story of the Bloom family.”