Catherine Hardwicke says that Jenna Ortega and Jacob Elordi would make a “perfect” Bella Swan and Edward Cullen!

The Twilight director, 68, celebrated the 15th anniversary of the supernatural teen romance with a “watchalong” of the 2008 flick on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, during which she approved of the host’s suggestions for an updated Bella and Edward.

Horowitz asked Hardwicke who she believes should portray the couple — originally depicted by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson — in a reboot. “Is Jacob Elordi Edward Cullen today?” he asked. “Is Jenna Ortega…”

“Oh yeah, that would be perfect,” the director responded, before asking the host if he had watched Elordi’s latest film, Saltburn.

“I mean, he’s amazing,” she said of the Australian actor, 26. “He probably would be Edward today. Exactly.”

Hardwicke also approved of Horowitz’s suggestion for Bella.

When asked who she would select to step into Stewart’s shoes, she said, “I mean, of course, you just mentioned Jenna Ortega,” adding that the 21-year-old Wednesday star is “amazing.”

The 2008 film’s director also discussed the future of the franchise — which is based on Stephenie Meyer’s fantasy novels of the same name — given the news that a Twilight series is reportedly in the works at Lionsgate TV, Variety reported in April.

Hardwicke, who directed the first of the saga’s five installments, said she has not “actually found out exactly” what the new adaptation will look like.

“I don’t know yet. Maybe they don’t even know,” she told Horowitz, noting that the writers’ strike likely delayed the series’ development.

The Thirteen director said that she would love to take the beloved saga in a completely different direction.

“For me, it would be fun to do Twilight in outer space,” she revealed. “I would be ecstatic to do that, something totally different.”

Elsewhere in the podcast episode, Hardwicke revealed that she recently had a surprise Twilight reunion at Pattinson’s 37th birthday party earlier this year. The director told host Horowitz that she and Stewart, 33, all “crashed” the original Edward’s bash.

“Strangely enough, I ended up … I went to Rob’s birthday party recently,” she said. “I kinda crashed with my friend Toni Collette, who had just done a movie with him.”

She continued, “We had a fun thing, and then Kristen crashed it too. That was just a few months ago, and it was just like, ‘Oh my God!’ We all hugged each other — like, this is so crazy and cool.”

Hardwicke also revealed that Stewart was shocked to see her there.

“When Kristen walked into Rob’s birthday, she’s like, ‘Catherine? Rob’s birthday? What’s going on?’ I go, ‘I kinda crashed it with Toni.’ And she goes, ‘Well I crashed it, too.’ ”

According to the director, Stewart — whom dated Pattinson during their four-year stint as Bella and Edward — “rang the bell at the gate” and checked if it was “cool” for her to come, and “of course” Pattinson welcomed her.

“He’s such a lovely person,” she added of The Batman star.


By Damyan Ivanov

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