Jenna Ortega really has come a long way from working “crazy, crazy hours” as a Disney actress on Stuck in the Middle. She’s no longer the little 14-year-old who made her debut doing a bright and kid-oriented comedy series. No, she’s gotten in touch with her darker side since she began playing TV lovers’ favorite death-obsessed teen member of the creepy and kooky Addams family in the Netflix series Wednesday. It wasn’t too hard for Ortega to channel the titular heroine, either, and she even admits she shares a trait with her morbid, yet iconic character.

Wednesday Addams is a character that allows the actor playing her to really get eccentric while also exuding humorous energy. While Jenna Ortega and the Nevermore Academy student are two different people, the Scream actress admitted to The Wall Street Journal that she does share one key similarity with the spooky young lady — and it involves clothing:

The problem is since doing that show, if I do wear something black, it seems like I’m leaning into character, but it’s my genuine style. I genuinely resonate with Wednesday and the colour black. It’s easy. And I feel the most like myself when I’m wearing all black, which is also why doing that job is really exciting.

This definitely tracks. We’ve seen the X actress rock a black backless hooded gown at one event and wear classy black clothes for interviews. As a woman who favors an all-black ensemble myself, I can definitely relate. Jenna Ortega has conveyed that she’s grown quite fond of her character so, in that respect, one can see why she’d have picked up some of her style form her. And Wednesday certainly sported some fresh looks in Season 1, like the black vintage cocktail dress she wore during the school dance scene, which included the now-iconic dance that blew up the internet. Now, that’s a dress that would serve my closet well.

All in all, the 20-year-old actress seems to be enjoying what comes with the role, though it’s not all perfect. One tough part of reinterpreting the classic role for the Netflix series was updating the Addams Family character for a new generation. The star didn’t want her to simply be the little girl in pigtails, who’d spout the occasional morbid thought. Though she also didn’t want this version to simply be a nasty teen.

Another challenge was ensuring that the performance wasn’t a “knockoff” of Christina Ricci’s, which dazzled audiences by way of the two classic ’90s movies. So Jenna Ortega was definitely “terrified” over Ricci joining the series. Ultimately, the two actresses seem to have gotten along well, though, and they had great on-screen chemistry.

Of course, now fans are probably just waiting for the upcoming second season. Plot details are scarce, but Jenna Ortega has teased that Season 2 will be different in that it’ll focus more on the horror aspects and not on Wednesday having a love interest. Ortega had to put her “foot down” on set a few times in regard to the creative side of things. One would think that she’ll have a major say in the newer episodes. Of course, based on how much she’s embraced Wednesday’s style, I don’t think she’ll have all that much to say to the costume department.

Anyone who wants to check out the sleek, black fits that the actress sported while in character can stream the first season of Wednesday now using a Netflix subscription. And if you’re looking for other small-screen viewing options, take a look at our 2023 TV schedule.


By Damyan Ivanov

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