Jenna Ortega has some of the most exciting projects in Hollywood in her line up. She attended the Emmys this week and discussed some of her upcoming TV shows and films, including the awaited “Beetlejuice 2,” which is currently in production.

Ortega is a fan of the 1988 film and seems thrilled to be involved in Tim Burton’s exciting universe. When discussing “Beetlejuice 2,” Ortega revealed that making the film has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her career and “some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a set,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She also called the film an “exciting” visual experience. “Everything was practical,” she said, referring to the old school effects where there’s little digital input involved, mostly relying on physical elements.

“I think we’re not using very much CGI or something like that at all,” Ortega continued. Lastly, she discussed the work of her co-stars and original “Beetlejuice” cast members, Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton. “Everyone did an incredible job. I felt so lucky to be there, it was insane … I can’t wait for people to see.”


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What to expect for ‘Wednesday’ season 2
In another red carpet interview, Ortega teased the second season of “Wednesday,” sharing with viewers what they can expect in the coming year. “We’re definitely leaning into a little bit more horror but it’s really, really exciting because all throughout the show, while Wednesday does need a little bit of an arc, she never really changes and that’s the wonderful thing about her,” she said to E! News.

She also revealed that “everything” is bigger in season two. “Each episode will probably feel a little bit more like a movie, which is nice,” she said.



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