The fact that a series as famous as La Casa de Papel has ended does not mean that its fans stop being interested in it and its cast, especially when a protagonist like Álvaro Morte has captivated millions of those fans for his incredible role as The Professor.

When La Casa de Papel broadcast its last season on Netflix in December 2021, it not only fulfilled its mission of entertaining with quality content and a magnificent cast, it also became the fan-favorite Spanish-language series around the world. This undeniable fact has meant that its protagonists are now considered famous stars of international stature with followers interested in each project they undertake, as is the case of actor Álvaro Morte.

Created by Álex Pina and released in 2017, La Casa de Papel, has traveled the entire world with a popularity that increased exponentially when it became part of the Netflix catalog of offers. Its five installments captured international interest with the narration of the plans carried out by a group of charismatic criminals to carry out impressive robberies, inspired by the protocol created by a legendary real-life bank robber, the American Willie Sutton, who conceived more than 100 robberies without the need to shoot anyone.

During the five installments of La Casa de Papel, Álvaro Morte gave life to The Professor, the ringleader of the gang of robbers who play life in the series. He was introduced onscreen as a bright and dark character representing the mastermind behind the heist that first brought the gang together. As the fiction unfolded, he became the public’s favorite, so it is not surprising that now that his fans have finished, they are interested in his new professional projects, as is the case with his two most recent works. Gone is the nostalgic moment that fans of La Casa de Papel experienced when it was Morte’s turn to say goodbye with an emotional message and a video from the set of the Spanish series. Now it is the turn to celebrate and admire him in two new productions in which the actor’s talent has been demonstrated once again with characters diametrically opposed to The Professor, that is the case of La Rueda del Tiempo and Sin Límites.

Where is Álvaro Morte now after La Casa de Papel
La Rueda del Tiempo (also known as The Wheel of Time) premiered in November 2021 on the platform Amazon Prime Video as the television adaptation of the novels of the same name, written by Robert Jordan. The fantasy series depicts one of the largest and most detailed fictional worlds ever developed in the genre, where magic is the most powerful weapon in existence.

This was the first international project after La Casa de Papel in which Alvaro Morte appears on screen in the role of Logain Ablar. The artist recently also worked on the Spanish miniseries Sin Límites (also known under the extended name Sin límites: Hacia los confines del mundo) an epic historical drama and adventure production for Amazon Prime Video and RTVE. The program starring Rodrigo Santoro and Álvaro Morte, covers the expedition carried out between 1519 and 1522 by Juan Sebastián Elcano and Fernando de Magallanes, which marked the first circumnavigation of the world in history. In it, Morte plays Elcano, personifying him as a brave, cunning and mischievous seaman who never imagined that his name would be recorded as an important part of one of the most important expeditions of posterity.


By Damyan Ivanov

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