Outlander is now on hiatus until the show’s return for the second part of season seven. As the show’s longest-ever season, the beloved historical drama will take an extended break ahead of airing the new episodes – but why is there such a long break, and when will the final eight episodes air? Find out here…

We chatted with the show’s executive producer Maril Davis, who opened up about the break. She explained: “I get a lot of questions about this online and unfortunately, this is completely out of my hands, it’s more of a STARZ decision and they obviously have their reasons for doing it, that’s a little above my pay grade!

“We just go in and we do what we’re told, we weren’t told in the beginning that there would be a break although we imagined there would be, there was probably going to be, but didn’t know for sure.”

However, the Outlander boss also revealed that they planned for the show to have the break, adding: “We certainly built it assuming it would [break] after the eighth episode. I know it’s really hard for fans. I don’t know all of the reasons that these splits are done. But all I can say is buckle your seat belt. The wait will be worth it.

“It gives us more time to re-hash things! Honestly, Outlander is all about anticipation. Starting season one, the seven episodes it took to get Jamie and Claire to their marriage and, the anticipation of this season is with Jamie seeing his son William. Outlander is all about anticipation and that’s what Droughtlander is about to!”

When is Outlander season 7 part 2 coming back?

According to the preview for part 2, the show will be back in 2024 – but there hasn’t been a confirmed airdate, yet. Since the episodes are already filmed, we think it will likely be early in the year – but watch this space!

Will Outlander season 8 be delayed?

Due to the Writer’s Strike, Maril confirmed that the show will be impacted, saying: “We’re just on hold at the moment. We were in the writers’ room for season eight and the prequel, and now everything’s on hold. I hope it gets resolved quickly. I’d like to get back to work with the writers and the actors and obviously our crew, you don’t want anyone to be out of work longer than they have to so I hope it gets back, but it has delayed us.


Source: hellomagazine.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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