The cast and crew of Lucifer are busy shooting new episodes in Los Angeles. Netflix has yet to announce a release date for the final series but it’s expected to be at some point next year. One question fans want to know is whether Death will make an appearance in the last series.

Lucifer started off life as a side character in the DC Comics’ Sandman series.

He was created by American Gods and Good Omens writer Neil Gaiman, who aptly voiced God in one episode of the series.

Lucifer went on to spawn his own comic book series before the TV series was commissioned.

But as the show comes to a close, will characters from the comics turn up in the final series including Death?

Her inclusion in the series would be fitting and pay homage to the comics and where the character of Lucifer was born.

There have also been questions about whether God and Lucifer’s brother angel Gabriel and Dream will appear.

Speaking about the possibilities of more characters from the comics appearing in the show, co-showrunner Joe Henderson said: “If DC’s willing, how would you not want to play with those?”

The star later told the Comic Book Resource in 2016: “We sort of have a checklist of themes, the ideas. the stuff we can play with from the original work, the Mike Carey and Peter Gross run, the Neil Gaiman stuff, The Sandman.

“It’s really nice because we’ve got all these crazy ideas that can be the impetus for different ideas that we can make our own.”

Henderson’s words suggest there could be hope for more characters to appear as the show prepares to wrap up.

With Lucifer back in Hell following his return at the end of season four, the possibility for more supernatural entities to appear to more likely.

Other characters who could be appearing in the final season from the DC Comics’ including John Constantine, Elaine Belloc, Lilith and Adam.

Fans are also eager to find out if Eve (Inbar Lavi) could be returning to the show after she featured in season four.

Eve and Lucifer struck up a romance again when she rocked up in Los Angeles.

However, when it turned out she was trying to get the Devil (Tom Ellis) to return to his domain of Hell, she lost favour with Lucifer.

In a tearful farewell with Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Eve said she had to go out into the world and figure out who she was.

Maze and Eve seemed to have a romance of sorts which could be reignited should she return to the show.

Lucifer season 5 will be released on Netflix in 2020

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