It’s no secret that Jensen Ackles has wanted to play Batman for the longest time, but could he finally get a chance with James Gunn’s DCU?

Best known for his roles as Dean Winchester in the 15-season-long show Supernatural and then his most recent role as Soldier Boy in The Boys, Jensen Ackles is on a roll. The actor has not been silent about his extensive and extreme fandom regarding Batman. And it can only be expected that Ackles would consider playing this character as one of his dream roles. And based on the characters that he is most known for, it would be a good stretch to see him in the Bat-suit. But as it has already been established, there are currently too many Batman films being made, so a live-action is probably out of the question for the star. However, there are other ways he can (and has already) play the character. But will Jensen Ackles land the role of Batman in the DCU?

Jensen Ackles recently gave fans some confirmation that he had his hand in a mysterious Batman project that he does not want to elaborate on further. Ackles has already voiced Red Hood in the animated Batman: Under the Red Hood in 2010. He then went on to finally voice the black-cape hero not long after. But now fans are curious about what the project Ackles is being secretive about.

Back in June, he made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers in which he detailed his experience doing voice acting for DC Comics characters in their respective animated adaptations. The star said he spent three hours in the studio the previous night doing Batman. He quickly added that it was a big deal, but he did not want to reveal further details about the project.

This had fans questioning what exactly the star was working on.

And after finally being able to voice Bruce Wayne as Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween (2021), it should not be a surprise that he will be taking up the role in a new project again. And if fans keep in mind the gruff, deep voice of Jensen Ackles and how well it could fit the Caped Crusader, then it would be a no-brainer to have him reprise the role again — perhaps in the DCU.

There has also been further confirmation of his reprisal for the role in a conversation he had with Michael Rosenbaum that documented the actor’s words. He explained that he was currently involved in developing a DC property in conjunction with Warner Bros. He would not say more than this as he stated that he did not want to ‘jinx’ the production.

In the meantime, though, fans were happy to see Jensen take up the role of the superhero, Soldier Boy. And while the star has revealed he would like to play the role of Soldier Boy again in the coming seasons, one way or another, he will be actively playing heroes from here on out. Only time can tell what the actor has in store for audiences with this mysterious project. But one thing is for sure: he will do a good job.

If James Gunn is looking for younger actors for his DCU, Jensen Ackles might be a good choice for Batman. While the actor is already 44 years old, he looks much younger. When you align that with his love for the character, it just makes total sense. There’s probably no one else itching to play Batman as much as the Supernatural star right now.

Let’s hope James Gunn makes his dreams finally come true — whether that’s Batman in a TV series or a feature film.


By Damyan Ivanov

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