Outlander fans will be patiently waiting for June 16, as the long-winded Droughtlander will finally come to an end.

The war that we knew was coming is almost here, and loyalties will be put to the test.

Starz’ official description of the season reads: “Season seven picks up from the harrowing events of the end of season six, with Jamie and Young Ian racing to rescue Claire before she’s tried and wrongfully convicted for the murder of Malva Christie. But their mission is complicated by the beginning of a geopolitical firestorm: The American Revolution has arrived.

“In the seventh season of Outlander, Jamie, Claire, and their family are caught in the violent birth pains of an emerging nation as armies march to war and British institutions crumble in the face of armed rebellion.

“The land the Frasers call home is changing—and they must change with it. In order to protect what they’ve built, the Frasers have to navigate the perils of the Revolutionary War.

“They learn that sometimes to defend what you love, you have to leave it behind. As the conflict draws them out of North Carolina and into the heart of this fight for independence, Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and Roger are faced with impossible decisions that have the potential to tear their family apart.”

The seventh season of Outlander is expected to proceed like the first, with 16 episodes spread across two parts.

Fans can catch the upcoming season on Friday, June 16, 2023, on Starz, with new episodes releasing each Friday at midnight ET on the Starz app.

And with a new season just around the corner, here’s a look at some of the show’s best episodes, ranked on the respected movie database IMDb.

The season finale of season two, Dragonfly in Amber, takes its name from the second book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. This episode moves between 1968 and 1746, as the Battle of Culloden looms, and Jamie and Claire must make some life changing decisions.

Season 1 Episode 11, The Devil’s Mark sees Claire standing trial for witchcraft alongside Geillis Duncan. This has been hailed as one of the most emotional episodes of Outlander, with huge revelations, sacrifices, and decisions made.

Season 2 Episode 7, Faith: This episode is not for the faint hearted. Grab your tissues and buckle up for an exploration of loss, grief, and some truly harrowing scenes. Nevertheless, the way the show deals with such challenging themes has been praised.

Season 5, Episode 7, The Ballad of Roger Mac is another gut-wrenching episode, tempered only by a few shirtless shots of Sam Heughan. The Regulator Rebellion heats up, while Jamie must face his divided loyalties.

Season 3 Episode 4 Of Lost Things primarily focuses on Jamie as he works for a noble British family. Meanwhile, in the future, Claire is trying to trace Jamie’s journey through history.

Season 4 Episode 9 follows Brianna’s struggles in the aftermath of a trauma she experienced in the previous episode. This one’s another rollercoaster, with reunions and confessions creating powerful performances.

Season 1 Episode 6 The Garrison Commander has been acclaimed for its strong script and performances from Caitriona Balfe as Claire and Tobias Menzies as a menacing Black Jack. The episode sees the pair go head-to-head as Randall tries to discover who Claire really is.

Season 3 Episode 5 Freedom and Whisky takes us to 1968, where Brianna has to reckon with a shocking revelation, and Claire longs for Jamie. It’s a tender mother-daughter episode that culminates in an impossible choice.

The penultimate episode of Season 5, Journeycake centres on Bree and Roger’s decision to stay in the past or return to the future. Meanwhile, a new threat rises in Fraser’s Ridge.

Season 2 Episode 11 Vengeance is Mine deals with treachery, capture and culminates in bloody revenge. Our heroes are sent north after the Jacobites stop their march on London, and encounter a band of Redcoats.

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