The final appearance of , as he revealed that he was in love with him. had never outright stated this during its run, so Castiel’s admission was something that was big deal the first time around.

Rewatching the series makes Castiel and Dean’s interactions appear from a completely different perspective, as the former’s growing attachment to Dean is apparent. What makes this harsh is that Castiel’s feelings were repressed the whole time, bringing a sad spin to this friendship.

Sam And Dean Become Much Harsher
The dynamic between , although the pair changes quite a lot. Viewers expect them to behave like heroes in the original run of the series, but the truth is that they got very harsh over the years and even neglected their main mission.

Dean and Sam started out never compromising in their goal to save people from the supernatural, only to easily slay any person possessed by a demon or a monster with no remorse. Sam and Dean would never have done that earlier on, so those who watch again will be aware that the main protagonists become a bit too harsh later on.

Fan Favorite Characters Don’t Get Happy Endings
There was always the hope that there would be a positive ending for those who appeared in the series until fans learned what the actual conclusion was. There are , such as Charlie, Crowley, Kevin, Ketch, and more, but none of them got happy endings.

Watching once more will bring a sense of melancholy from fans toward these characters because they know that their departures from the show will be sad. It also means that revisiting their best moments will make the inevitable end even worse to check out again.

The Huge Shift In Tone After The First Three Seasons
is usually , as the series went from horror to dark fantasy with comedic moments starting from the fourth season. While that didn’t mean the show was bad later on, it will be something that viewers with a preference for scary material won’t look forward to.

A fair amount of the fanbase carried on with after the shift in tone because they watched it from the beginning. Replaying the series might not bring the same level of enthusiasm from such viewers since they will prefer the original horror tone that laid the platform for

Villains Lose Their Intimidation Factor Later On
always did a good job at introducing new villains, with each one being set up as the real deal for Sam and Dean to be afraid of. However, apart from Azazel, all the antagonists lost their intimidation factor in subsequent seasons; some even became comedic as Lucifer did.

A rewatch of the series won’t evoke the same sense of foreboding that the introduction of the villains did since fans know that these antagonists don’t remain as much of a threat. In fact, looking at their original, scarier personas might be jarring considering how they behave later.

The Injustice Side Characters Face
Side characters never got a good deal in and tended to be disposed of – those watching the show for the first time will hold out hope for them but most were disappointed. Characters like Adam and Donatello were severely mistreated, only to never receive any reward for their struggles.

Watching Adam’s appearance will be harsh in particular because fans know that he will not only remain trapped in Hell for a decade but that his own brothers will never care about him. The same goes for the likes of Benny, Amara, Mick Davies, and more.

There’s A Lot Of Filler Content
It’s easy to watch episodes that don’t have much to do with the main plot when a series is new and fresh, but it can be quite the task to go through these in repeated viewings. generally had upwards of 20 episodes each season, which meant that almost half of these were filler.

Going through episodes like “Bugs” and even “ScoobyNatural” won’t be as breezy for those who check out once more since viewers know beforehand that they aren’t relevant to the overall plot. But due to the fact that skipping the episodes interferes with the pacing of the season, it’s another conflict that viewers will have when deciding to watch the show again.

Continuity Issues And Plot Holes
The fandom is well-versed with the series by now, so much so that it’s not all that difficult to point out certain inconsistencies. This includes stuff like Dean being stumped over what a Rugaru is, only to later claim that he had taken part in hunting one as a child.

Other plot holes include the lack of acknowledgment of time passing in calendar years, as Dean and Sam’s one-year trips to Hell and Purgatory somehow don’t change the year they take place in. Viewers that follow the show once more will have these inconsistencies in their minds throughout.

None Of Sam And Dean’s Romances Amount To Anything
phased out the romantic aspect after its first five seasons, but fans hoped to see the brothers in stable relationships by the end. This is something that will sting while rewatching the show, as Dean and Sam don’t have long-term romances.

Both brothers have many love interests during the show’s initial stages, so it’s a shame that viewers will be aware that these women won’t be there for long. Dean fans in particular will be sad to watch his failed attempts at finding love since he ended the series passing away without being with anyone.

John And Mary Don’t Live Up To How Sam And Dean Revere Them
built up Mary as the perfect mother for over a decade before she turned up, but many were disappointed since she never connected with Sam and Dean. The same goes for John, whose failed parenting skills only became more apparent when the brothers recalled their childhood over the years.

Sam and Dean nevertheless held their parents in high esteem, which made viewers wonder if might show John and Mary in such a way later on. Since that never came to pass, fans watching the show again will likely view the parents with contempt for failing to do right by their children.


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