The Innumerable Cameos By Celebrities
The appearance of legends like Stan Lee, Bill Gates, Mark Hamill, and even Stephen Hawking was unanticipated and the audience pretty much had the same reaction as Howard did on his first encounter with Mark Hamil in the episode, “The Bow Tie Asymmetry.”

The Surprising “Sleepover”
The sticky situation of Raj and Penny walking out of Leonard’s room together left not just Leonard and Sheldon in stitches, but the audience, as well.

Bernadette’s Pregnancies
Her pregnancy reveals, though, over the seasons, were unanticipated and made the entire situation heartwarming and hilarious, although, the introduction of the second pregnancy was to cover Melissa’s actual pregnancy.

When Sheldon Pulled Out A Ring Box
His relation with Amy was slow and steady, and they experienced their fair share of ups and downs.
The shocking moment of their breakup was a tear-jerker, but it was when Sheldon pulled out the engagement ring box right afterward that was the most emotional and one of Sheldon’s saddest moments.

When Howard Was Chosen To Go To Space
It was evident that he was a brilliant engineer, but becoming an astronaut was not expected by viewers. The events that happen before he sets off also add to the spin.

Penny’s Unexpected Pregnancy
Her character grows from a sweet, slightly immature personality to a mature and independent woman. But the massive character growth was seen in her unexpected pregnancy at the show’s end. The series hinted at Penny not wanting kids or not liking to be around them, so the pregnancy reveal was a major plot twist for fans.

The Death Of Howard’s Mother
Mrs. Wolowitz was a popular character on the show, despite never being revealed. Voiced by Carol Ann Susi, Deborah Wolowitz’s relationship with Howard on The Big Bang Theory was one of the funniest and most lovable on the show.
However, due to the sudden passing of Carol Ann Susi, the character also passed away.

The Elevator Being Fixed
After 16 years, the show seemed to provide closure to the fans by finally fixing the elevator.

Raj’s Ability To Speak With Women
It took six long seasons for him to move past this and this newfound confidence gave him his first long-term relationship with Emily Sweeney. The emotional talk with Penny led him to discover his ability to speak with women and fans found it funny how both situations where Raj first figures out his ability to talk with women was with Penny!

Sheldon’s Unexpected Heartwarming Speech
After 279 episodes, The Big Bang Theory wrapped up the show with a brilliant and perfect finale that gave a complete circle to the series run.
It saw Sheldon and Amy receiving the Nobel prize, and considering Sheldon’s character was annoying, narcissistic, and a bit selfish, it was heartwarming to hear his final speech.

Brain vs Bread
“I’ll make it simple for you. I study the brain, the organ responsible for Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Bernadette studies yeast, the organism responsible for Michelob Light.”


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