It’s been a long, wonderful journey and I’m so close to my Gallagher family that to walk away is quite bittersweet, but it did feel like it was time for the character to spread her wings and that there was less need for her. I never want something to just feel like a job and so I’m leaving while I still love it.”

We weeped a little bit while reading Emmy’s statement to EW regarding her exit from the show. Surely, she’ll return at some point but for the time being, she’s spreading her wings on other shows and films. These pics will make us miss her that much more, featuring the numerous projects she’s been up to since leaving the show.

Enjoy, folks. Let’s get started.


Ah yes, nothing brings us more joy than seeing a real-life photo of our favorite Shameless duo, V and Fiona. We hated when these two weren’t on good terms on the show – though off of it, things are always on the up.

They shared a great picture together at Fiona’s wedding, one the Shameless audience surely buzzed over.


She does more than just act, as you’ll see a little later in the article, Fiona is also pretty great at singing but we’ll save that for later.

In the pic above, she’s posing for a pic on the set of Animal Kingdom. We would love to see her on the show – though in this instance, she was playing the role of director alongside the cast.


Since leaving Shameless, she has kept busy on both film and television. In the pic above, she’s in the film Cold Pursuit, dressed in a cop outfit. We can say with certainty that she pulled off the look.

The film got good reviews and it was another way of Emmy making her mark in the industry.


Fans can still keep up to date with Emmy via social media platforms like IG. She recently took part in quite the luxurious event, rocking the red carpet in a prestigious Armani outfit.

Fiona would be proud as she was rocking some Armani knock-offs during the show… well, not really but you get what we’re trying to say (even that might’ve been too expensive).


She took part in a photoshoot with People, although the pics are stunning to look at, it was the interview that really got our attention. Emmy discussed the fact that she doesn’t make a scale dictate how her progress goes – which is a great way to look at things. Clearly, whatever she’s doing seems to be working.


“Most likely to be found seeing how close I get the camera to @juliagarner94’s face.”

A recent post made to her IG account, Emmy does it all since leaving Shameless. She’s even operating cameras for specific scenes – that takes some true skills and patience. She can do a lot more than just act, evidently.


Call him Steve, call him Jimmy, whatever it might be, lots of fans wanted these two together. We’ll have to settle for this off-set selfie, though – featuring the duo.

Who knows if we’ll ever see him back on the show – we’re hoping Jimmy makes one more appearance at least, before the show comes to an end.


Living the LA life, it is hard to do anything without getting noticed. Emmy knows all about the attention and lifestyle, even when she’s doing something as simple as hitting the gym, the paparazzi seem to be all over it.

She’s looking great as usual in her workout gear.


Along with the gym, she’s usually at the airport, traveling the world for various different gigs. Paparazzi are usually camped out in LA, just waiting to snap a photo of a celebrity.

That’s the case in the pic above and we miss Emmy that much more, seeing how great she’s doing away from the show.


Yes, that’s right, she even sings! Emmy really can’t do anything wrong, look into the archives and you’ll find out that she has two singles; Slow Me Down and Pretty Paper.

For fans that are missing Rossum on Shameless, you can patch those wounds by listening to her incredible voice – that’ll blow you away even further.


She took part in this comedy-drama, A Futile And Stupid Gesture. She recently took part in 2018, at the same time during her final days on Shameless.

It’ll be interesting to see what type of turn Emmy’s career takes; will she do more TV or film gigs? And will she stick to producing and directing?


She was stunning at the Critics Choice Awards, with a red robe we just couldn’t keep our eyes away from.

Emmy has a long history at award shows, she was even nominated a couple of years ago for her role on Shameless at the People’s Choice awards. She should’ve received the W.


This was nothing but a joyous day for Rossum, the day of her wedding rehearsal alongside husband Sam Esmail.

Emmy was married previously in 2008 to Justin Siegel, but the two separated only a year later. She’s more than happy nowadays and Emmy is glowing in the photo above.


She’s on set alongside everyone’s favorite from Animal Kingdom, Craig Cody. We can all agree that Fiona would be the perfect fit on the show – though she’s doing a fine job behind the scenes as well.

The show made its debut in 2016 and continues on at this point.


She took part in Schwimmer’s That’s Harassment campaign. It was a great job once again by the Shameless actress, depicting scenes that just aren’t suitable for the workplace. Surely, she’s helping in changing the outdated ways of the past.

It was one of her many cameos while still shooting for Shameless.


She took part in the first episode of the show which airs on the USA Network as of 2019. Here we have a behind the scenes shot of Emmy, out on a new set which doesn’t feature her pals from Shameless.

Here’s to hoping that a return to the show is in works, surely she’ll return before the show comes to an end.


She appeared at the premiere of Mr. Robot and man, did she ever steal everyone’s heart on the day, dressed to pure perfection. The IG pic made fans miss her that much more; the actress remains flawless since leaving the show.

Age 33, she’s just getting started and at the prime of her career.


A behind the scenes photo alongside Carl Gallagher. We love this duo and we especially love the person Carl turns into, making Fiona beyond proud.

We hope to see more of these behind the scenes pics in the future; here’s to hoping Fiona has another full season in her down the road or at least a couple of episodes.


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