Throughout the Supernatural, the Winchesters have encountered the impossible; from squaring off against monsters to battling the angels and demons, from forming meaningful allies to exchanging hearts with lovers. They created all sorts of relationships on the show which became the driving force of the plotlines of the show.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Winchesters From Supernatural


Both brothers have been wanted by the law. We saw how they were framed, and became wanted by the law, all thanks to shape-shifters and Leviathans. Agent Victor was continuously on the trail of the boys and even managed to capture the boys finally. But when he realized the existence of the Supernatural he let them go. It’s not that Sam and Dean have never been caught. In Several episodes, the cop managed to get a hold of the boys, but they somehow escaped. In Season 12, when the boys try taking down Lucifer (who’s possessing President), the Secret Service hunted the Winchesters, but with some help, they escaped with the help of Billie. The British Men of Letters took care of the Secret Service, eliminating all those who knew about the Winchesters. It’s not the Winchesters already had an antagonistic relationship with the law. They have helped law enforcement agencies a couple of times and ended up forming alliances with officers such as Kathleen Hudak, Joddy Mills, and Donna Hanscuum. In several of their cases where the culprit was something supernatural in nature, Winchester joined forces with the cops to take them down.


Adam is the half-brother of Sam and Dean, born as a result of John’s relationship with Kate Milligan. Interestingly, John never mentioned anything about Adam to the boys, he kept it a secret. They eventually met Adam but learned that it was a ghoul pretending to be Adam. However, Zachariah brought back Adam who could then serve as the vessel of Michael. This was intentionally done by Zachariah to manipulate Dean Winchester into saying ‘yes’ to save Adam from the upcoming fate. Eventually, the archangel Michael possesses Adam and arrives to battle Lucifer who is possessing Sam. Many fans blame Sam and Dean for not trying to free Adam from captivity. But in Season 6, Dean tries striking a deal with Death to retrieve the souls of Adam and Sam from the cage. But death forces Dean to choose one. Dean tries his best to get both souls out of the cage, but he eventually chooses Sam’s soul. In Season 15, when Dean gets to speak to Adam, he apologizes for all the wrong that has happened to their brother.


Both Sam and Dean are each other’s biggest strength and weakness. They would go to any extent to protect each other, but in doing so, they often end up doing more bad than good. Such as when Sam worked behind Dean’s back to get rid of the mark, but it unleashed the darkness. Similarly, when Dean influenced Sam in saying say to the angel Gadreel which eventually caused the demise of Kevin. While many are aware that Sam had a son named Dean whom we see in the final episode, but forget that Dean too had a daughter named Emma who was born as a result of Dean’s intimate moment with Lydia. Both of them have been possessed by an archangel and have acted as an antagonist at some point.


Finally, the spin-off of Supernatural titled ‘The Winchesters’ has been released. But the spin-off takes a different path, retelling the iconic story of John and Mary from a different perspective. It is basically a retcon in a way. In the show, they both discover their family’s heritage and legacies, they are determined to follow the path of a hunter. But in Supernatural, Mary kept her hunting life a secret from John who only entered the hunter’s world after losing Mary. It would be interesting to see how the Winchesters connect to the events of Supernatural. It could possibly use a memory-wipe plot element to explain why John didn’t remember the Supernatural. We have been told that it’s canon and it’d all be explained in Episode 13 of the Winchesters, connecting all the dots.


All the members of the Winchester Family with the exception of Henry have returned back from the grave after meeting their demise by Supernatural means. The Winchester men have displayed a liking for the Impala. All the male members have time traveled at least once and they have also been possessed by an angel. Henry was terrified when he was out in the field, fearing that if anything happened to him then who would take care of this family, he wanted to be there for John. But he accidentally ended up time traveling to the future where he passed away surrounded by his grandkids and never got a chance to be reunited with John. After losing Mary, John was too focused on revenge that he stopped acting like a father. He would realize his mistake and apologized to his boys when he time-traveled to the future.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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