Outlander isn’t known for its Christmasy themes, but there are still some great episodes to watch this time of year. It’s time to take just an hour to yourself and immerse yourself back into the world of Claire and Jamie.

We’ve done these types of lists before. There are some great episodes from earlier seasons, but there have been new episodes since then. Could episodes from Seasons 6 and 7 make it to our list? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Of course, any episode of Outlander is great. There’s nothing stopping you from putting on your favorite and having fun. However, here are five that stand out for Christmas.

5. Freedom & Whisky (Season 3, Episode 5)
Let’s start with the episode that is set at Christmastime. Claire has found out that Jamie is still alive. On top of that, Roger has found out where he likely is in the 1760s. It’s time for Claire to go back to the man she loves the most, and her daughter, Bree, has given her mom her blessing.

We get to see a moment where Claire, Bree, and Roger are opening gifts under the tree. They are discussing the need for gems, the bat dress that Claire has made (I still love that!), and memories of the past. There is a bittersweetness to it, but as fans, we’re just ready to see Claire and Jamie back together.

4. Give Me Liberty (Season 6, Episode 5)
While this isn’t set at Christmas, there is a party involved. And we all know that parties can offer a similar atmosphere to the Christmas season in TV shows depending on how they’re set out.

This episode offers us a chance to see Claire give Jocasta weed to help out with the pain in her eyes. We also get to meet Flora MacDonald, the woman who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape back to Europe after the failed Battle of Culloden. There are some great seeds dropped in this episode for some Season 7 storylines, too.

3. A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers (Season 7, Episode 7)
Christmas is a time for family. Well, what better an episode of Outlander to watch than one of the most recent ones that involves family from different time periods? This is the one where Roger learns who the “nuckelavee” really is and what to do about him.

Buck MacKenzie has come through the stones. He saw Roger while in the present day and decided to follow him. He didn’t intend to get caught, but here they are, a family under one roof. This is a chance to see Buck in a different light compared to the first time when he made Roger look like a traitor so that he would be hanged.

2. Savages (Season 4, Episode 5)
This is a heartbreaking episode when it comes to Claire’s Native American friends. It seems odd to put this episode on at Christmas. However, there is a major reason why it’s perfect. It’s all about Jamie’s storyline.

Remember that Christmas is all about family. Well, this is the episode where Jamie and Murtagh reunite after more than a decade being separated. There’s a look of shock and happiness between the two of them as they realize that both made it through alive. What’s even better is seeing Murtagh’s face as he has his back to Jamie but knows that its his godson talking to him.

1. Lallybroch (Season 1, Episode 12)
Finally, we have to end with an episode from the first season. It’s all about Jamie returning home, and he brings Claire with him to meet the family. There is a lot going on in this episode, but at its core, it’s all about the love of family.

Jenny and Jamie are naturally at each other’s throats to start, but it’s a sibling fight. Once initial tensions disappear, Jenny gets to know Claire and we see Jamie and Ian reunite. There is this hope for Claire and Jamie to be able to settle in and just enjoy a quiet life. Of course, that would make for a boring story to tell us and drama has to happen!

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By Damyan Ivanov

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