February 13 is all about Galentine’s Day thanks to Parks and Recreation. There are some excellent Outlander episodes to watch to mark this day.

Parks and Recreation brought us the term Galentine’s Day. It’s celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day, and it’s all about female friendships. All women need at least one female friend in their life who will support them. That can sometimes change along the way, but there should always be someone.

Claire meets a few women who support her and welcome her into their circles throughout the series. She also has women who she just happens to meet for a day who just make her feel like a valued member of society. Then there are others who could have been friends who turned out to be something completely different.

Want to celebrate Galentine’s Day 2023 with some Outlander? Here are the five episodes to watch tonight. We’ll go in season order.

Outlander Season 1, Episode 11: The Devil’s Mark
We start with the first season. I do wish that Geillis and Claire could have found each other on better terms. They could have been useful to each other in the past, especially when Claire and Jamie realized they would need to help Charles Stuart win the Jacobite Rebellion, something that Geillis wanted.

We get this clue of what could have been when Geillis sacrifices herself for Claire. She takes on the full blame of the witch trials and shows off her “devil’s mark,” the smallpox vaccine. This is certainly the place to start for Galentine’s Day.

Outlander Season 1, Episode 12: Lallybroch
Want to know one relationship I wished I could have seen more of? It’s that sisterly relationship between Claire and Jenny. Sadly, this takes a turn for the worst for a while, but it does make its way back eventually in the books. And I’m hoping to see that on the TV series.

For Galentine’s Day, it’s worth watching “Lallybroch.” This is the first time Jenny and Claire meet, and we get to see their potential friendship blossom. You’ll also want to watch the episode that follows it as Claire and Jenny head out to find Jamie together.

Outlander Season 2, Episode 2: Not in Scotland Anymore
Louise is such a fun addition to the series. Well, I think so. She is the stereotypical aristocrat in 1745 France, but she also has a heart. We get to see the first signs of that when she’s around Claire.

This is the episode when Louise and Claire meet. Claire is trying to get in with the right circles to help Jamie, even though she really doesn’t want to. However, Claire does learn a lot about waxing and monkeys—the monkeys will play a part later.

This is also the episode she meets Mary Hawkins, who is extremely important later on. I would have loved to see some sort of friendship between Claire and Mary purely because of who Mary is!

Outlander Season 2, Episode 7: Faith
This is most definitely a heartbreaking episode, but it is one that is perfect for Galentine’s Day. It shows us two important female friendships Claire gained while living in Paris.

The first is Louise, who helps Claire initially with the loss of Faith. I don’t think Claire even realizes what Louise did for her, but Louise being there to help remove a stillborn Faith from Claire’s arms really was that first part of healing.

Then there was Mother Hildegarde. Despite it being against the law, Mother Hildegarde quickly baptized Faith so she wouldn’t be doomed to an eternity of darkness. I absolutely loved that moment as it showed the compassion Mother Hildegarde had for Claire.

Outlander Season 5, Episode 2, “Between Two Fires”
We’re jumping to the fifth season for the last episode of Outlander to watch for Galentine’s Day. This is when Claire turns to Marsali to help with treating people on the Ridge.

I love seeing how Claire and Marsali’s relationship changes throughout the series. They don’t like each other at first. In fact, they hate each other thanks to Laoghaire. However, over time, Marsali realizes that Claire isn’t everything her mother said she was, and Claire realizes that Marsali is nothing like Laoghaire.

This episode brings all of that to a head. When Claire needs an assistant and Bree can’t be that, Claire turns to Marsali to help. Marsali is more than willing to get stuck in there, and it all leads to that amazing moment when Marsali makes it clear she will do whatever it takes to protect her family.

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By Damyan Ivanov

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