Supernatural starts with Mary Winchester dying in a fire while her husband John Winchester orders his elder son Dean to run outside with Sam. The show then moves to forward to 22 years. The boys are grown up, but they are separated apart now. Dean stayed with his father John Winchester who raised his children as hunters whereas Sam parted away with the family to live a normal life and enrolled in Stanford. John Winchester is missing and Dean vows to find his father whereabouts. He reaches out to Sam seeking his help to track down their father.

The boys quickly find themselves on the road, living the hunter’s life, and fighting ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and all sorts of threats. They save innocent lives in the process and gather clues to reach their father. Sam mysteriously starts manifesting psychic abilities. They are reunited with their father who reveals to them the truth about their mother’s demise and informs them about the demon Azazel who is behind all this. He also tells them that he is after a special gun created by Samuel Colt which could kill the demon. That was the summary of Season 1 of the Supernatural. The show would go on for 15 Seasons in which we are introduced to a variety of characters, supernatural creatures, different realms such as heaven, hell, and purgatory.

So Take A Look At 5 Things About Supernatural That Fans Must Know About


Did you know there are Supernatural Comics! There are three six-issue Supernatural comic miniseries has been published by the WildStorm comic book company whose parent company is DC. The first Supernatural comic book titled ‘Supernatural: Origins’ explored the early lives of the Winchesters. It also shows us the events which led to John Winchester becoming a hunter. The second book is titled ‘Supernatural: Rising Son’ revolves around the Winchester family as Dean tries becoming a hunter like his father John. Whereas the third book is titled ‘Supernatural: Beginning’s End’ and it highlights the events which led to the departure of Sam Winchester from the family as he joined Stanford to study law. There’s a fourth book called ‘Supernatural: The Dogs of Edinburgh’ which revolves around Sam Winchester’s visit to UK during his college years.


It took Eric Kripke nearly ten years to develop the show. He has always been fascinated with folklores and urban legends which he translated into a show format. He originally planned Supernatural to be one single movie, but the concept was transformed into a TV series before he pitched it to the networks. WB eventually picked up the show and when the pilot aired, it gained a viewership of 5.69 million viewers. Such enormous ratings prompted the network to pick up the show for a whole complete season. The original plan for the Supernatural was for 3 Seasons, but Kripke later expanded his story to a five season arc. Season 5 marked the conclusion of the main show’s storyline and it marked the departure of Eric Kripke.


What makes Supernatural great? Is it the actors, the storylines, or the music? Well, it’s the right combination of everything. Supernatural is well known for its music. While the show utilized a synthesized orchestra for the background score, it also used musical equipment such as guitars for the score. The musical score occupied around 30 minutes of an episode and the music is based on the theme of the episode. While such original scores are a normal element of every show, but what makes Supernatural different is the classic rock!

You’d be surprised to know that the creator Eric Kripke was so hellbent on using the classic rock that he threatened to leave the show if music of his choice is not included. Kripke’s one favorite band is Led Zeppelin, he wanted to use songs of the bond, but they are too costly to use in the show. But several episodes of the show have titled which are actually references to the songs of Led Zeppelin. Throughout the 15 Seasons, the show has used songs from iconic songs such as AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, and numerous others. Sometimes it would be too expensive to get the rights of the songs so Kripke had the composers write 15-20 rock kind of music to fill the gap between song and score.


After running successfully for 15 Seasons, Supernatural came to an end in 2020. There have been numerous speculations as to why the show ended. Some people believe that the network cancelled Supernatural due to low viewership, but it’s all wrong. In reality, it was a result of the mutual decision of the actors, writers, producers, and everyone involved. Everyone felt that it was the right time to wrap up the show and that’s what resulted in the conclusion of the show. The actors also needed a long awaited break as they had to stay far from their families to shoot the show in Vancouver. The Network executives had spoken on several occasions, stating that Supernatural can go on as long as the creators and the actors want.


Supernatural has perhaps the most passionate fan base in the world. The fans of this show are pretty expressive and intensely active on the internet. They would writer fan fiction stories and would create ships involving different characters. Even the show has acknowledged the ships/pairings numerous times. Every year, fan conventions are also held where the community is gathered and they celebrate Supernatural. You would be surprised to know the craze of Supernatural is so much that the Mayor of Austin, Texas declared 23 June to be celebrated as the ‘Supernatural Day’ in Austin. As both the lead actors Jensen and Jared hail from Austin.



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