Supernatural Recap and what is the Destiny of the Winchester brothers

Hope — in addition to a strong brotherly bond and sense of what’s right — is one of the main things that sustains the Winchesters. When you look back on the series, it’s what has kept them going through their apocalyptically messy lives. Why else would they keep fighting? They hope defeating the next big … Read more

Stephen Amell praises The Winchester brothers [Picture]

Stephen Amell just uploaded his most current Profil Photo in Facebook. He is wearing a T-Shirt with a mug shot with the Winchesters Stephen Amell is not ashamed to show virtual that he is a big fan of Supernatural and more precisely to the Winchester brothers. Check the Photo bellow:

‘Supernatural’ – What would happen if God dies? (SPOILER)

In the Supernatural Season 14 finale, Sam and Dean Winchester royally pissed off God. The brothers were left reeling from both the deaths of their mother, Mary, and their Nephilim ward, Jack — at the finger-snapping hand of his own almighty grandfather, no less. And their moods weren’t exactly helped by Chuck’s irritation at his grand “story” … Read more

Supernatural’s last season will be having dead allies from the Winchesters

The demon-slaying, world-saving Winchesters, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), plus angel Castiel (Misha Collins), have reached their final season, but plenty of adventures have yet to play out.   As in the opening moments of Supernatural Season 15, which picks up where we left the heroes — surrounded by ghouls unleashed from hell by a … Read more