Supernatural and Lucifer are two shows that share numerous similarities. Even though both the shows are a part of different networks, their universes are different and separate, but still the common elements in the two would make you feel like they are interconnected in some way. Supernatural began airing in 2005 and it took Eric Kripke nearly 10 years to create the show. The show revolves around two brothers who are ‘hunters’ as they hunt the Supernatural monsters and try to save the innocents. The show Supernatural also featured the character of archangel Lucifer who was banished from the heaven, Lucifer served as the major protagonist of SPN Season 5. Now there have been numerous different versions of Lucifer, every show or movie has taken the liberty of depicting the devil in a slightly different light. In 2016, the show ‘Lucifer’ debuted on FOX which is based on the Neil Geiman comics. This Lucifer is the main hero of his story, he tries to do good and isn’t the sinister figure that he is made out to be.

So Take A Look At 6 Similar Characters That Exist In Both Supernatural & Lucifer Universes


Everyone is well aware of the biblical character of Cain, the first child of Adam and Eve. Cain had a brother Abel whom he destroyed. However, the reason and motivation differed in both the shows. In Supernatural, Cain learned that Abel was speaking to Lucifer so he made a deal with Lucifer that he would offer his soul to him if Abel is able to go to Heaven. Cain created the first blade which he used to terminate his rother Abel, Lucifer gave Cain the Mark and linked it with the blade. On Lucifer’s orders, Cain would train the Knights of Hell who were fierce warriors. But after losing the love of his life, he went into the retirement.

Whereas the Cain in the show Lucifer had a rivalry with his brother Abel, they would fight every now and then, it escalated to the extent that Cain mortally harmed his brother. However, God who witnessed all this cursed Cain with the mark that would make him immortal, forcing him to walk the earth. Cain tried every possible way to end his immortality, but he failed. Eventually he would take the guise of Marcus Pierce and began working in the LAPD, becoming the boss of Chloe Decker. But secretly he managed records and logs about the celestial beings on the earth.

5. EVE

Another biblical character part of both Lucifer and Supernatural is Eve. Eve is the first woman created by God who became the wife of Adam and both of them resided in the Garden of Eden. However, Eve was influenced by Lucifer which resulted in Adam and Eve being sent to Earth. She is the mother of Abel and Cain. Eve resided in heaven after her mortal passing, but she grew bored of heaven and came to earth where she began a relationship with Lucifer. But Lucifer cannot stop loving Chloe Decker. Mazikeen developed a romantic interest in Eve and the duo would eventually end up getting married, working together as bounty hunters.

The character of Eve appeared in Season 6 of Supernatural. This Eve existed long before the angels, she predated the humans. Eve is the mother of all the Alphas, the first monsters in the SPN Universe from which the different species such as vampires, werewolves originated. She was trapped in the Purgatory, but was released to Earth. This Eve shouldn’t be confused with the Eve of Adam and Eve. However, This Eve was mentioned in Season 9 Episode Road Trip. Similar to Lucifer, this Eve was also created to be the wife of Adam, but she was tempted by Lucifer to eat the forbidden fruit, this led to the fall of humanity.


Both the Lucifer and Supernatural also featured the character of Adam, the first human created by the God. He is the husband of Eve and father of Cain & Abel. He loved in the Garden of Eden along with Eve, Gadreel was tasked with protecting the Garden, but he was tricked by Lucifer who manipulated Adam & Eve in consuming the forbidden fruit which led to the fall of humanity. Adam fell in love with an angel named Serafine which lasted for a very long time. When Adam came across Dean and Jack, there was a plan which involved Jack absorbing a rib of Adam which would help Jack in terminating Chuck.

The Adam in Lucifer Universe is also the first male created by Chuck who lived with Eve. However, Adam’s first wife Lilith who left him, but he could never get over the breakup. Eve tried her best to become the woman that Adam longed for, but it didn’t help. After losing Eve in the Paradese, he returns and shows up at Eve & Maze wedding. Adam is counselled by Dr. Linda who helps him see error to his ways.

3. GOD

GOD AKA Chuck Shurley in the Supernatural Universe is the creator of everything. He along with his sister Amara are primordial beings who are responsible for the universe and they maintain the balance necessary for the functioning of it. During the apocalypse, he was gone missing. Chuck would return from the sidelines after his sister Amara came calling and causing all sorts of destruction.

Similar to SPN, God in the Lucifer universe is the creator of everything. He is also responsible for the existence of Chloe Decker who was born as a result of Amenadiel’s blessing, carrying a divine grace. God knew beforehand how things are going to play out. He appeared on earth after a long time where he reconnected with Lucifer, telling him that he plans on retiring.


In the SPN Universe, Michael is the first angel created by Chuck, he is also the most powerful archangel. It was Michael who fought against Lucifer and helped in banishing his brother. The Winchester bloodline can house Michael, serve as his vessel. Even though it was destined that Dean would serve as the vessel of Michael in the apocalypse battle, but after Dean’s denial, Michael took over Adam, the son of John Winchester. Michael was trapped in the cage along with Lucifer where he lost his mind. After escaping the cage, he is surprised at Chuck’s betrayal, he aligns himself with the Winchesters. But it was only a ploy to become his father’s favorite son again.

The Michael in the Lucifer Universe isn’t righteous, he is actually manipulating, devious, and a liar who uses people’s fears against them. He served as the main villain of Season 5 of Lucifer. It was Michael who influenced his brother Lucifer in rebelling against God, he has always been jealous of Lucifer. After God announced his retirement, Lucifer and Michael contested to become the next God. While Michael had the support of te majority of his siblings, but Lucifer managed to defeat him in the battle.


Lucifer in Supernatural has served as an antagonist in numerous seasons. He is the archangel who loathed the humanity and was banished from the heaven due to his antics. He would rule the underworld, create the demons who would do his bidding. Sam Winchester is the true Vessel of Lucifer who consented to house the archangel in Season 5 and was supposed to be Adam who was possessed by Michael, but Dean prevented the apocalypse.

Lucifer Morningstar in the show Lucifer is the main protagonist of the story. This Lucifer got bored of his duties of the underworld and decided to take a vacation to earth. He would open a nightclub where he crossed paths with a detective named Chloe Decker who intrigued him, attracting his curiosity, he began working with her and assisting her in solving the crimes. Chloe Decker is the only human on the planet who is immune to Lucifer’s charm.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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