7 Shows You Can Watch While You Wait for Lucifer

This wait for Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 has been excruciating, since Netflix hasn’t put out new episodes featuring our favorite hellspawn since August 21, 2020. And it’s been a particularly troubling time since the last episode we saw, “Spoiler Alert,” finally gave us a glimpse at the man himself, God (Dennis Haysbert), who arrived … Read more

Lucifer writer hinted a slow-burn romance between Lucifer and Chloe in the upcoming episodes

Lucifer producer Joe Henderson hinted that the upcoming episodes will advance the slow-burn romance between Lucifer and Chloe Decker. Joe Henderson, co-showrunner of Netflix’s Lucifer, knows that some fans of the show love the slow-burning romance between the Devil and Detective Chloe Decker — and he says the writers do too. During a recent interview … Read more

Lucifer star Aimee Garcia just posted a cute Photo with her co-star Kevin Alejandro for his Birthday

Aimee Garcia best known as Ella Lopez from the devlish series, ‘Lucifer’ just posted an adorable photo with her co-star, Kevin Alejandro for his Birhtday. Garcia’s Birhtday wish for him is to have a great day with his beautiful family, she also thanks him for being such a genorous soul. You can find the photo … Read more

What is the real reason for Lucifer Morningstar’s British accent

When anyone brings up the television series LuciferĀ and its protagonist, the first thing that comes to mind is a suave, British charmer, played to perfection by Tom Ellis, but he wasn’t always envisioned this way. The TV series is based on the DC Comics character that originated in The Sandman graphic novel series created by … Read more

Lucifer writer admitted he didn’t include his favorite character from the comic books into the show

Lucifer producer Joe Henderson revealed he wasn’t able to introduce his favorite character from the Lucifer comic books, Gaudium, into the show. “OK, I tried. I really tried,” Henderson said to Word Balloon in a new interview. “My favorite character, I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work.” Henderson went on to explain … Read more

Lucifer showrunner says Season 5B and Season 6 will be “wildly different”

Lucifer producer Joe Henderson reveals that Season 5 part 2 and Season 6 will be “wildly different” from each other while still contributing to the same story. This May, Netflix’s Lucifer returns for the back half of Season 5, which will then be followed by the show’s sixth and final season. However, while Season 5B … Read more

Is Tom Ellis going to join the cast of Outlander after Lucifer

LUCIFER may be almost done and dusted but Outlander is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Now, there is talk of Lucifer himself Tom Ellis joining the cast of the period drama – but is he going to? Lucifer will be returning for season five, part two next month on Netflix. After … Read more

Lucifer showrunner says that it might not be necessary for Mazikeen to get a soul

Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson suggested in an interview that Mazikeen’s quest to gain a soul might not be as important as she believes. In a new interview about the upcoming second half of Lucifer’s fifth season, co-showrunner Joe Henderson suggested it might not be necessary for the demon Mazikeen to get a soul. “Oh, I … Read more

Lucifer Writer Talks About How The Pandemic Changed the Series Finale [VIDEO]

Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson talks about the negative and positive changes that were made while filming the Lucifer series finale during COVID-19. Because of coronavirus (COVID-19), filming the series finale of the hit show Lucifer had to be done differently. Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson was asked during an interview with Wordballon if Lucifer’s storyline was … Read more