Welcome back to Humor Nation. On the screen, we see Supernatural creatures and epic battles of Winchesters paired with a brilliant storytelling that takes the fans on an emotional roller coaster ride. But what goes behind the scenes is just as exciting. There are numerous behind the scenes facts that will make you develop a new appreciation for Supernatural.

So Take A Look At 7 Fascinating Facts About Behind The Scenes Of Supernatural


Supernatural is a fantasy drama show and a lot goes into its creative set making. Majority of the times, the show has to showcase a magical or unusual setting to bring the story to life. The set designers of the show always worked tirelessly in order to come up with remarkable settings that have been very meticulously crafted to depict the eerie atmospheric nature and vibe of the show. The sets of Empty realm, Purgatory, Heaven, Hell, Bunker, Apocalypstic World, and lot other sets have only added authenticity to the show.


Not everything that you see on the show is computer generated imagery. The show takes immense pride in employing the practical effects that greatly add to the Supernatural storytelling. Whether its the crazy stunts or the fierce make up of the Supernatural creature, the production team always went to great extents to come up with something that will result in a realistic and thrilling visual experience for the fans.


An interesting part about the show is that it always gives opportunities to the directors to bring their own vision to the show rather than adjust their creativity according to the show which numerous shows do. Did you know numerous cast members that includes Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Richard Speight Jr. have directed episodes of the show. As these actors are well familiar with the themes, story, and characters of the show. It became quite easy for them to transition behind the camera.


If you are an informed fan of the show then you very well know that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are two of the notorious pranksters on the show. Just like their on-screen characters of Sam and Dean who cannot be separated, these two also share a bond of mischief. They are well known for playing pranks on each other which would often involve surprising props and hilarious surprises. Their co-stars have to be extra careful of the J2. But their antics and playful nature makes the set a fun environment and it results in some memorable moments for everyone involved.


As you very well know, Supernatural isn’t all drama, but it also has elements of actions and thrill. The Winchesters are always ready for some action and this called for stunt scenes from the actors. You would be amazed to know that the lead actors Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki have underwent extensive training to perform most of their stunts whenever needed. There are plenty of thrilling escapes and fight scenes in the show which have been performed by the actors themselves. Their sheer commitment to deliver exciting and authentic action scenes brought a new level of entertainment to the show. Also, stunts are exciting to watch on the screen, but there’s a lot that goes into its making. Often times, these actors have sustained injuries while trying to deliver an action scene for the fans.


Supernatural has a total of fifteen seasons under its belt. In its long 15 seasons, the show has featured a long and impressive list of guest stars. The list includes the likes of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Charisma Carpenter, Paris Hilton, Linda Blair, to name a few. Some of these actors only appeared for a couple of episodes, but their impact on the show is significant. Do let us know who is the most memorable Supernatural guest star for you?


Supernatural has created a culture and a community that keeps growing and thriving even after the show is concluded. The passionate community of the show refer to themselves as Supernatural Family and it has played a major role in the show’s production. Through their unparalled and continuous support, the fans became the solid foundation on which the show created new avenues of success. The relationship between the SPN Fans and the cast is one of a kind. The creators and the cast have always expressed their gratitude for the unwavering love and enthusiasm of the fans, they have always acknowledged the fan support as the main reason for the success of the show.

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By Ivaylo Angelov

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