If there’s one series with a fanbase that would appreciate nothing more than a film, it would likely be Outlander.

The hit historical fantasy drama has a devoted loyal following, who have fallen in love with the drama throughout all seven seasons so far and are well and truly strapped in for more twists to come in the next batch of episodes.

As Outlander season 7 pauses until 2024, when new episodes are slated for release, there has never been more of a focus on not only future instalments in the series – but also the future of Outlander as a whole.

While we know we have prequel show, Blood of my Blood, to come, there have of course been whisperings of plans for a film.

Well, RadioTimes posed the question of a movie to Outlander executive producer Maril Davis and she excitedly responded: “Yeah, I’ve said that a million times.”

But before we get too carried away, Davis did add that there are some rather important stipulations to consider.

She said: “That won’t be something we’d do immediately but in the future, if the writers were up for it, if Sony and Starz, if Caitríona and Sam, Sophie and Richard – if everyone was up for it and it felt like the right thing to do.”

Davis said that it would be a decision also about “the material”, adding: “Obviously whatever Diana does in book 10, if we haven’t tread in that same territory, sure. I’d never say never.”

While we don’t quite know what could be on the cards for a film, Davis does have some ideas about how the series could possibly wrap up – and it may involve the series’s leading actors taking to a more tropical setting.

When talking to RadioTimes about where Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitríona Balfe) could end up in an ideal world in the show, Davis revealed: “I keep saying I’d love to see them in Hawaii because I’d like to go there and see them on a beach somewhere sipping piña coladas. I just want peace.”

She continued: “I think we always kind of kid that wherever Jamie and Claire go, trouble follows them, and it would be nice to see them at peace somewhere, wherever that is.

“And that they’ve got their family with them and they can take a breath finally and not feel as though war or death or killing is nipping at their heels. I’d like to see them in a happy place.”

As for now, Outlander fans will just have to bide their time to wait and see what happens to not only Jamie and Claire, but also Roger (Richard Rankin) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) after Rob Cameron (Chris Fulton) shockingly kidnapped their son in pursuit of the Spaniard’s gold in North Carolina, which Jemmy knows the location of.

The mid-season finale saw Roger and cousin Buck (Diarmaid Murtagh) go back through the stones in pursuit of Rob and Jemmy, but what could they find on the other side? And will Roger’s return to the 1700s mean he’s destined for life there and possibly not with Brianna in ’80s Scotland?

All burning questions we have going into season 7 part 2 – bring on 2024!


Source: radiotimes.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.