The story of Supernatural starts with two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchesters who set off on a journey to locate their missing father. Little did they know that this adventure is going to change their lives forever. They would be facing all sorts of Supernatural beings in their way and would risk their lives to save their universe. While Supernatural ran for 15 years during which we got to experience a little bit of every genre; horror, drama, comedy etc. in its episodes. While some of the Supernatural stand out as being the best with a consensus. There are also a couple of episodes that many fans agree are among the worst Supernatural episodes of all time.

While Bloodlines was supposed to be a launch of a spin-off series of the Supernatural titled ‘Bloodlines’, but the project could never come to fruition as the backdoor pilot didn’t captivate the attention of the Network people. Reason being is Vampire Diaries’ spin-off ‘The Originals’ had been airing on the CW Network which is set in New Orleans and revolves around Supernatural beings such as vampires, werewolves, and witches. This particular Supernatural episode with a rating of 5.8 on IMDB takes place in Chicago where monster families secretly run the city. One mafia family is of the shape-shifters while other is of the Werewolves.

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9. Bugs (Season 1 – Episode 8)

While investigating the mysterious demise of the people around a housing development due to insects, Sam and Dean end up in a town run into a person named Matt who is obsessed with the bugs. This episode featured real bees. Some might find the CGI a bit funny, but the major problem with the episode is that it isn’t very terrifying. Secondly, the story of having an Indian burial ground and swarms infesting is a bit ridiculous.

8. Exile on Main Street (Season 6 – Episode 1)

Season 6 marked the beginning of a new Supernatural as Kripke’s arc concluded with ‘Swan Song’, but due to the popularity of the show, the Network decided to keep the show going under new creative. So it was a huge task to figure out the new direction of the show without compromising. The pilot episode of Season 6 sees the reunion of Sam and Dean with the return of Samuel Campbell as the family comes together, joining forces to battle Supernatural enemies.

7. Drag Me Away (From You) (Season 15 – Episode 16)

This episode involves Sam and Dean Winchester taking up the case to investigate the demise of their childhood friend. They take a walk down the memory lane and revisit a case which they believed they had solved years ago. The immortal witch known as the Baba Yaga which feeds on the children is the main antagonist of this episode.

6. There’s Something About Mary (Season 12 – Episode 21)

This particular episode has been disliked by numerous fans who felt it to be out of synch with the vibe of Supernatural. The strong female character of Eileen meets her demise in this episode after fans had developed a liking and adoration for her. Mary Winchester who only returned this season gets brainwashed by British Men of Letters which is just absurd.

5. Carry on (Season 15 – Episode 20)

Carry On is the final episode of the Supernatural series. After having defeated Chuck in the last episode and saving all the universes, the Winchesters are back to their routine job of fighting ordinary monsters and saving lives. While on a Vampire hunt, Dean gets mortally injured and meets his demise. Sam keeps on living his life, having a son, and in the end reuniting with Dean in the heaven. The problem with this episode is certain characters such as Jack, Castiel are absent in the episode. The climax is lackluster, but we have to remember the episode was during the pandemic when there were travel restrictions which prevented many actors from appearing in the episode.

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4. Man’s Best Friend with Benefits (Season 8 – Episode 15)

An old pal of the Winchesters named James who had worked on a case with the boys had turned to witchcraft. He suddenly starts having nightmares in which he witnesses the demise of people, but things take an interesting turn when those dreams come true. He enlists the help of Sam and Dean Winchester, but they are having second thoughts after learning that James is into witchcraft now.

3. Bitten (Season 8 – Episode 4

While Supernatural has experimented with the found footage genre for quite a few times, but the Bitten was one failed experiment. The Winchesters come across the home made videos of people whose lives have been affected by a werewolf. The found footage execution was poor and seemed very unoriginal. The characters seemed unrelatable and less credible. The episode was poorly written and lacked entertaining.

2. Galaxy Brain (Season 15 – Episode 12)

The Winchesters respond to a distress call and rush to the rescue along with Jodie, Jack, and Castiel. Billie who is the new Death pays a visit to the Winchesters. Season 15 isn’t one of the best seasons of the show. This episode is a perfect reminder of how the show has diverted from the Original style which was evident in the initial seasons and became like a dramatic soap opera.

1. Gimme Shelter (Season 15 – Episode 15)

Sam and Dean Winchester go in the pursuit of Amara while Castiel and Jack work together a case that involves the members of a church. This is a filler episode involving the monster of the week. But as it was filmed during the pandemic, plenty of things were missing due to restrictions, making it a poor episode.


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