Sam Heughan is enjoying some downtime during the strike-related delay to the eighth and final season of Outlander, the historical drama series that launched his career and gained him a passionate fanbase. And he’s been sharing snapshots of his recent vacation to the West Indies, including a couple of thirsty shirtless photos which show off his lean, muscular physique.

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As Outlander’s Scottish soldier and bodice-ripping romantic hero Jamie Fraser, Heughan built a warrior’s body through a combination of circuit strength training workouts and a protein-packed diet. He has previously told Men’s Health that he prefers to exercise in the great outdoors whenever possible—he’s an avid runner—and will often sneak snacks onto the set of Outlander, cleverly concealed under his costume.

“Anything I can hide in my sporran, which is my little bag that I wear with my kilt,” he said. “Usually a protein bar.”


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While he’s a bona fide thirst trap connoisseur these days, and is seen as very much a heartthrob by the Outlander fandom, Heughan has been on a real journey with his body image. In his memoir Waypoints, the actor opened up about the “low-level eating disorder” he developed at the start of his career.

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“The requirement for an actor to look a certain way has driven me too far at times. I love training, but in my early years that led to a bad relationship with food,” he wrote. “It was only when I set out to become more muscular that I began to think of food in terms of nutrition. It forced me to start researching health and fitness, and that’s when I recognized that the body needs a healthy, balanced diet to survive and grow. It was a vital lesson, and even now I sometimes have to remind myself that there can be no compromise.”


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