While Supernatural has given a new popularity to actors such as Jensen Ackles who had worked on different shows such as ‘Days of our Lives’, ‘Smallville’, and lot more. But this show took the stardom of such actors to a whole different level. Whereas this show has helped in launching the careers of many newcomers who would go on to find major success in the television industry. Throughout its 15 Seasons, it featured appearances from hundreds of actors in different capacities, some appeared in brief cameo roles, some had supporting roles, but most of the managed to make the most of their time on the Supernatural. The show featured actors of diverse age groups. Some actors were in their early 20s when they made their first appearance on the show whereas some where in their 40s during their SPN stint.

Actors such as Jared, Jensen, Misha are among the few who acted in main roles and has the most appearances in the SPN show. Jared & Jensen grew old with the show, we grew old with them. A 15 year long journey that is full of emotions; from heartbreak to happiness. We have compiled a list of some of the popular actors of Supernatural. The data features their age when they made their first SPN appearance, their first episode, and their age when the show ended.

So Take A Look At The Ages Of The Supernatural Actors When The Show Started & Ended


Dean is perhaps the most popular character of the Supernatural, right along with Sam Winchester, he is the main protagonist of the show. Jensen already had numerous successful projects before being cast into Supernatural. He brought the role of Dean to life, playing it effortlessly, portraying all sorts of emotions and feelings of the character. Jensen has also portrayed the alternate versions of Dean and the archangel Michael on the show.

  • Age when show started: 27 Years
  • First Appearance: Pilot
  • Age when show ended: 42 Years
  • Last Appearance: Carry On
  • Total Appearances: 326


Some say Supernatural is the story of Sam Winchester, the reluctant hero who tried separating himself from the hunter’s life, but he could never escape it. Eventually he would embrace the role Sam was meant to play. Sam has a distinct personality compared to Dean, but his relationship and dynamic with Dean is what SPN is truly about. Jared Padalecki already tasted success with his role in Gilmore Girls, but his major success came through SPN where he portrayed several different roles such as alternate versions of Sam Winchester, Lucifer, Gadreel, Leviathan, and a shapeshifter.

  • Age when show started: 23 Years
  • First Appearance: Pilot
  • Age when show ended: 38 Years
  • Last Appearance: Carry On
  • Total Appearances: 327


Even though Misha Collins has made appearances in a couple of shows and films before making his way to the SPN. His popularity as Castiel convinced the creators to keep the character around which was supposed to be written off at one point. But they kept the character around which was eventually promoted to a recurring and then a main character. After Jensen & Jared, Misha Collins has the most appearances in the SPN.

  • Age when he joined the show: 31 Years
  • First Appearance: Lazarus Rising
  • Age when show ended: 46 Years
  • Last Appearance: Despair
  • Total Appearances: 148


Rowena joined the show in Season 10. The mother of Crowley, Rowena, was a cunning villain who bested the Winchesters, but when the time came to fight a greater common threat, she aligned with the boys. Rowena is well known for her humorous personality along with excellent fashion which made her a beloved character of the show.

  • Age when she joined the show: 35 Years
  • First Appearance: Soul Survivor
  • Age when show ended: 40 Years
  • Last Appearance: Our Father Who Aren’t In Heaven
  • Total Appearances: 33


Originally Crowley started off just another demon who wanted Lucifer back into the cgae. But he was opportunistic and ambitious who quickly captured the throne of the Underworld He has been an ally and a foe to the Winchesters. Many fans regret than we didn’t get to see more of Mark Sheppard since his abrupt departure from the show. Due to creative differences, his character was eventually written off. Mark made it clear that he has no intention of ever returning back.

  • Age when he joined the show: 45 Years
  • First Appearance: Abandon All Hope
  • Age when show ended: 53 Years
  • Last Appearance: All Along The Watchtower
  • Total Appearances: 69


The character of Lucifer has been played by numerous actors in TV shows and movies. This particular role has also changed the careers of many, such as Tom Ellis’ biggest success came through playing Lucifer in the TV show of the same name. But Mark’s Lucifer is very different, he portrayed a humorous and yet sinister at the same time, it was a blend of all the qualities that constitute the essence of Lucifer. It was also the first major big baddie of the Supernatural as envisioned by Eric Kripke.

  • Age when he joined the show: 44 Years
  • First Appearance: Sympathy For The Devil
  • Age when show ended: 55 Years
  • Last Appearance: Inherit The Earth
  • Total Appearances: 37


The character of Bobby Singer was written at the last minute and he wasn’t supposed to appear for a long time. But when he first appeared in Season 1 finale, the character received favorable response from the fans which resulted in recurring appearances of Bobby Singer. He served as the mentor and father figure to the boys, assisting them in their hunts. However, he met his demise in Season 7 which was a significant turning point in the show. Jim Beaver would make several appearances in the form of alternate universe Bobby.

  • Age when he joined the show: 55 Years
  • First Appearance: Devil’s Trap
  • Age when show ended: 70 Years
  • Last Appearance: Carry On
  • Total Appearances: 70


Alexander Calvert has appeared in several shows such as Bates Motel, Arrow, but his career’s biggest success came through the role of Jack Kline in Supernatural. It was a surprising move on the part of the writers to introduce another main character this late in the series, but Jack Kline definitely made a fun addition.

  • Age when he joined the show: 27 Years
  • First Appearance: All Along The Watchtower
  • Age when show ended: 30 Years
  • Last Appearance: Inherit The Earth
  • Total Appearances: 36


The show Supernatural started with Samantha Smith who appeared in the pilot episode where she met her demise. The character of Mary Winchester would be played by a few more actresses along with Samantha. Samantha Smith returned as Mary Winchester in Season 11 finale.

  • Age when she joined the show: 36 Years
  • First Appearance: Pilot
  • Age when show ended: 50 Years
  • Last Appearance: Absence
  • Total Appearances: 37

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By Ivaylo Angelov

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