Saw X lands in cinemas this Friday (September 29) and from the sounds of the first reactions, Saw fans might want to get excited.

The new movie brings back Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith as John Kramer and Amanda, respectively, but it’s not a retcon. Instead it takes place between the first two movies and sees Kramer head to Mexico for an experimental cancer treatment.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work and Kramer soon realises it was all a scam, but those con artists are about to regret just who they messed with…

Those lucky few to have already experienced Saw X have now taken to social media to share their first reactions – and they’re universally positive right now.

“By heading back into the past, Saw X has injected fresh blood into the franchise,” wrote Digital Spy’s movies editor Ian Sandwell.

“It delivers what you want (mostly wince-inducing, gore-filled traps), but also attempts something different with a Saw movie. It doesn’t all work, but it’s the strongest sequel to date.”

ScreenRant’s Joseph Deckelmeier added: “Saw X gets the franchise back on track by telling a solid John Kramer story. This is a different side of Jigsaw we’re not used to seeing & it was great seeing Tobin Bell back.”

But they’re far from the only positive reactions. Check out some other first reactions to Saw X below:

Ahead of its release, producer Mark Burg has revealed that Saw X has a post-credit scene and that it’s definitely one fans will want to watch.

“At the end of this movie, stick around for the credits because there is a scene where we do bring back people from prior movies that you’ll be very, very happy [about],” he explained.

“You’ll be very happy if you stick around to the end of the credits.”

Saw X is released in cinemas on September 29.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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