Supernatural is a fantasy drama series that is the longest-running fantasy drama TV show of all time. The story of the series revolves around Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who are hunters. A hunter is a person who is trained and skilled with the knowledge of the paranormal phenomenon and supernatural creatures such as ghosts, and vampires, and hunts them. The brothers travel all across the country in a 1967 Chevy Impala while investigating cases that reek of any supernatural activity. They encounter dangerous creatures such as werewolves, banshees, witches, and a lot more which they fight and manage to defeat. Apart from the Supernatural elements, the show also revolves around the relationship of the brothers who love each other unconditionally which oftentimes creates some major problems.

So Take A Look At Interesting Trivia About Supernatural And Its Characters


Sam Winchester was born on 2 May 1983, an interesting fact is that the birthday of Sam coincides with the birth date of the son of Eric Kripke who is the show’s creator. Whereas Dean Winchester’s character was portrayed by Jensen Ackles. Dean was born on 24 January 1979, his birth date is same as the wife of Eric Kripke. What’s interesting is that Jessica, the girlfriend of Sam whom he first saw in the Pilot episode and she suffered the same fate as Sam’s mother at the hands of Azazel. The creator revealed that he purposely chose the same date for the character’s birthday as an expression of love for his wife.


The Pilot episode of Supernatural is what captivated our interest and hooked up to the show. The episode saw Dean coming to Sam seeking help to find their find. The boys set out on the road where they encounter a vengeful spirit and manage to defeat it. When Sam returns, he sees his girlfriend Jessica burning to death which unknown to him was caused by Azazel. We later learn that Azazel caused her death because she became a distraction in the life of Sam and caused him to stay away from the hunting life. It was the death of Jessica which became a catalyst for Sam returning back to the life he escaped.

But did you know the Supernatural pilot could have been entirely different? There were numerous ideas for the pilot script, one was Jessica being a demon which results in Sam returning to hunting. But Kripke felt it would not be the right motivation for the character of Sam. Another dropped idea was Dean Winchester being a serial killer who eliminated their father John. Sam suspects about his brother’s true identity, being responsible for the demise. This scenario would have resulted in the death of John Winchester instead of Jessica.


In Season 2 we are introduced to the character of Jo Harvelle, daughter of Ellen Harvelle, a family friend of John and Bobby. While she is not as skilled as the Winchesters, but she aspires to be a hunter like her late father. She harbors romantic feelings for Dean who also reciprocates but doesn’t act on them out of fear of losing Jo forever. In Season 5, Jo along with her mother joins the Winchesters to eliminate Lucifer. However, the hellhounds mortally wound Jo, she decides to sacrifice herself to take down the hellhounds. Her mother also joins her and they both die in an explosion eliminating the hellhounds. While the character of Jo had so much potential, it was eventually written off. She did return in Season 7 making a cameo appearance. Eric Kripke revealed that her character was created to present a mother-daughter dynamic similar to a father-son relationship which was a highlight of Season 1.

The actress Alona Tal auditioned for the role of Jo as she was a fan of the show. The character was written as an innocent girl next door who is trying to be a hunter. Kripke regretted characterizing her this way. There could have been a romantic relationship between Dean and Jo, but the idea was dropped because of Jo being this innocent girl which would be contrasting to Dean who is attracted to danger. The character looked like the ’14-year-old’ sister of Dean. Ultimately, her character was written off in Season 5.


Supernatural aired on CW which is the home of numerous DC Superhero shows which are set in the Arrowverse. Supernatural had a crossover with Legends of Tomorrow. And Supernatural is a show which exists in the Arrowverse, the characters stumble upon the sets where the show is filmed and the Winchesters are mentioned. We see the Baby in the episode with its trunk full of weapons (props). There is even a reference to the glowing amulet of Dean. As good as the crossover was, there was once a possibility of Supernatural crossing over with The Vampire Diaries which had started airing in 2009 on CW. Team Supernatural approached the creators of TVD who politely turned down the proposal as they were not ready back then. Julie Plec revealed in an interview that looking back it was a missed opportunity.



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