In these unprecedented times we currently live in, a lot of us are staying home a lot more than usual, including all our favorite celebrities. Seeing what Hollywood actors do with their extended time off has been entertaining, but one we especially look forward to updates from nowadays in Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Terminator actor has been posting clever PSAs about staying inside and his fuzzy, mini pony Whiskey and donkey named Lulu he’s self-isolating with.

In an effort to inspire staying fit and flexible during an extended time indoors, the actor and former Mr. Universe posted this fun video. Keep watching for the hilarious surprise:


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Flexibility is as important as the pump.

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The new Instagram post has the 72-year-old actor basically in the splits for an extended period of time, stretching from one toe to the other. Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about how maintaining flexibility is just as important as weight training. By the time the video ends, it’s revealed that the Total Recall star had us fooled almost the entire time. He actually was standing behind a fake pair of legs and pretending they were really his legs.

Did you catch it or did you think it was really Arnold getting stretchy? Considering the public figure’s determination for fitness, he had this writer questioning, but believing! If you watch the video again, you can tell around his torso that it doesn’t completely align with his legs. Of course, it only would’ve worked with black clothing.