All the suspense is finally over with Tracker’s penultimate episode Off the Books aired on May 12. The show had a long way of teasing its fans with the arrival of a new character portrayed by Supernatural ’s star Jensen Ackles, and the latter seems to have nailed it just like everyone wanted him to.

With Ackles playing the main character’s estranged brother, the fans were eager to see whether he would dare bring something from his Supernatural’s past back to the screen, but some specific details are just a whole new reason for the 2005 mystery show lovers to gasp in awe.

In the season 1 penultimate episode, Colter Shaw’s family tree starts coming out of the shadows as he’s unwillingly tracked down by his older brother Russell with the latter’s first phrase “Hi, little brother”.

This alone could already send Supernatural’s fans to another stratosphere as Russell’s appearance in Tracker gives a pretty strong vibe of Dean Winchester that Ackles portrayed in Supernatural.

If Russell’s overall specific entrance in the show for many wasn’t enough, what happened next was probably what absolutely nobody was waiting for.

The episode features Colter coming in his big truck to pick his brother up and, as Russell proceeds to Colter’s car, he gives a gentle pat to another car that looks suspiciously similar to the 1967 Chevrolet Impala that Dean Winchester was driving in Supernatural.

On top of that all, though it may not be that much connected, both Tracker and Supernatural were filmed in Vancouver, the fact that probably gave a little bit more of an incentive to Jensen Ackles to reminisce about his iconic character by bringing at least a small part of him back to the screen.

Some also pointed out Russell’s peculiar way of speaking as, while talking to Colter, he mentions some “woo-woo stuff” that sounds pretty much like what Dean Winchester could say too.

While there’s still no chance to confirm whether those were in fact some Supernatural references, Jensen Ackles’ Russell proved himself to be a pivotal character in Colter Shaw’s storyline development.

The chances are he may still be back in the upcoming second season and, if something like this does happen, the Easter eggs’ constant presence or rather their complete absence will prove or debunk the fans’ theory.

By Damyan Ivanov

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