After an ominous warning from The Monitor in the Season 6 premiere of The CW’s The Flash, showrunner Eric Wallace has confirmed that Barry Allen will, indeed, die in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

“‘Crisis’ turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to… The Flash because it created an immediacy to things,” Wallace said after a screening of the season premiere. “We know that on December 10, 2019, the Flash will die…. We’re not messing around.”

As for how the knowledge of Flash’s impending death will impact Barry and Iris, Wallace said, “As a married couple, they can count the number of days and weeks… What kind of urgency does that give them? An extreme one. It turns the dial up to 10 and it makes them think is every moment together our last? What can we do? Should we fight this? Is it inevitable? These are all of the things that they’re grappling with [until ‘Crisis’]. So their relationship is strained, but it’s also going to bring them closer together than ever before because that’s what tragedy does.”

“The Monitor showing up and making a cosmic pronouncement drives you to extremes in order to fight against or accept the coming ‘Crisis,'” he continued. “And every episode this season… is all about ‘do I accept death or do I fight it?'”

In the original Crisis on Earths limited series, published by DC in 1985-86 and written by Marv Wolfman with art by George Pérez, Barry died trying to defeat the Anti-Monitor. Meanwhile, a crisis-related fate has loomed over the Arrowverse’s incarnation of the Scarlet Speedster since Season 1, with the year of his disappearance springboarding from 2023 to 2019 in the Season 5 finale.


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