Since Batwoman first introduced the character of Tommy Doyle way back in its third episode “Down Down Down,” fans have been beyond eager to meet his villainous alter ego Hush. And after being teased a few weeks ago, the bandage-faced maniac finally made his big debut in “A Secret Kept from All the Rest,” the penultimate episode of season 1.

Although this was the villain’s first real live-action appearance, we’d previously seen Tommy in Gotham. Not to mention an animated adaptation of the original comic arc recast him as a disguise of the Riddler. But it’s fair to say that nothing could’ve prepared fans for what went down with Hush in tonight’s season finale of Batwoman.

We’ll warn you now that spoilers lie ahead, as this was easily one of the Arrowverse’s biggest surprises in a while. So if you’re not caught up yet, look away while you still can.

Still with us? Good, because here’s what went down (via

In the episode’s final moments, Alice agreed to give Tommy the “new face” that she had been promising, with the promise that he would use it to help her plan. After Alice sewed on the face, Tommy looked in a shard of glass — and he quickly recognized what he saw staring back at him. As Alice soon confirmed, she’d given him the face of the long-absent Bruce Wayne, so he could walk into Wayne Tower and successfully steal the Kryptonite.

And with that, we finally get our first look at the Arrowverse’s Bruce Wayne, who you can see for yourself in the gallery down below:

Speaking to the about the big moment, actress Rachel Skarsten (Alice) said the following:

“To introduce Bruce Wayne is so cool. I was so excited. I just feel like they cast him so perfectly. He just looks exactly like what a Bruce Wayne should look like. He played it so well. That one’s a tough one, because you’re essentially playing two characters. You’re playing one character trying to be another character.”

“I’m actually really happy for all the fans of our show, because no one anticipates that your show’s just going to get cut off mid-season with two episodes left. And luckily, we are the beneficiaries of the genius mind of Caroline [Dries], our showrunner,” Skarsten continued. “She constantly is dropping these crazy bombs in every episode, and this one just really lends itself quite nicely to being a season finale. And, lucky for me, I got to be a part of it.”

Of course, this was one heck of a twist and a great way to cap off what’s been an otherwise so-so season. Yes, Batwoman has had its moments throughout its rookie run, but it was certainly an uneven debut outing for the series. Still, it was one that showed lots of potential and has definitely planted some very exciting seeds for season 2 – like this reveal of Bruce Wayne. Or rather, his face.

But tell us, did you enjoy tonight’s episode of Batwoman? And what are you hoping to see in the next run? As always, drop a comment down below with your thoughts.

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