I have always found Supernatural to be genius in the way it is written and presented. And Season 15 is no less epic than any that have come before it. “Last Call” was packed with references to our joint past and even included a new monster for the hunt!

Before we go on, let me warn you that this post is going to be heavy with spoilers. We will be taking a look at the top five moments from Episode 7, including photos, clips, and discussion. If you haven’t yet seen it, take a moment now to reconsider.
If you’re ready to continue, let’s get busy talking about the amazing amount of references and memories that were jammed into this episode. From running into an old friend to stories about our fan-favorite episodes and moments to a new monster, “Last Call” had us smiling and feeling all cozy inside.

And of course, let’s not leave out the fact that we had an amazing treat in Episode 7. At one point in the show, Supernatural pulled out all the stops to give us a legit taste of Jensen Ackles, himself.

I was no less than thrilled when the story turned in a direction that had Dean back in his original setting—a bar. And not only that, he had the chance to do some flirting and kick some butt. It’s all part of the tribute that this entire season is shaping up to be, and I am loving it so much.

So if you’re ready, let’s get into this and talk about the best parts of this episode of Supernatural. “Last Call” was suitably named and is probably the last time we’ll see Dean in the bar for Season 15, as the storyline looks like it’s about to get on track for a conclusion. Here we go!

So if you’re ready, let’s get into this and talk about the best parts of this episode of Supernatural. “Last Call” was suitably named and is probably the last time we’ll see Dean in the bar for Season 15, as the storyline looks like it’s about to get on track for a conclusion. Here we go!

5. Eileen the destroyer

Well, well, well. I suppose Hell hath no fury like a resurrected woman scorned! When Sam fell ill, and then got sneakily put under Sergei’s devious control, Eileen was not messing around. She and Sam have been pretty close from the beginning of their relationship, but this was a very bad time for Sergei to be threatening Sam’s existence.

She wasn’t having any part of it and took no time or second thought before putting her hand around his throat like the tortured soul she has become. I really liked this moment because it showed us not only how much Sam really means to her, but also how serious she can get.

When we think of Eileen, we see a soft, accepting, delightful woman. The show doesn’t give us a whole lot of opportunities to see the hunter, tortured-in-hell, resurrected by magic, destroyer that she also is.

I think that as the story progresses, she is going to continue to be a main feature in this battle of good versus evil. A soul from the pits of Hell is a great match for the upcoming challenges that surely lie ahead. And if there were any questions about why she was the one to come in and take that role on Supernatural now, we can throw them right in the trash.

4. Missed connections

It’s no surprise that Eileen broke bad on Sergei when she did. Obviously, it’s not cool to take her little buddy and put him in terrible jeopardy for your own enjoyment. But when you do that right when they were about to um… solidify their interest in each other, you can expect some dire consequences.

When Dean took off and left Sam and Eileen alone in the bunker, he made some suggestive comments about what they might do with that time together. Sam reassured him “it’s not like that,” but it became quickly evident that it is.

How cute were they when they finally got time together? I mean, we’ve been watching them have repressed attraction to each other since day one. It was Eileen that made the first move this time, but we’ll see what happens later.

My favorite part about it was how they used their facial expressions to make the scene. What they said to each other was so standard, but as Eileen made eyes at Sam, it was clear she was trying to make it “like that.” Her “few ideas” of what they could do to unwind from the brain-frying research was not going to include seeing a movie or a game of volleyball.

Sam’s face was priceless, like a teenager realizing he was about to get his first kiss on a date. He reached for her hand first thing and that really solidifies the fact that they are not just looking to sow oats. They obviously have some real feelings for each other.

But was that really a question? I mean, Sam believed he has a single opportunity to use this Rowena spell to resurrect ONE person. Not Rowena, who created the spell. Not his Mom, the epic matriarch of Supernatural. Not Kevin, who they sent off to go insane about the Earth as his best option. Nope.

More and more, Eileen’s role in the conclusion of Supernatural continues to blossom. We saw her fight as a hunter while still just a disembodied soul. We’ve seen her take Sergei by the throat with a promise to destroy him if he didn’t save Sam. And now we’ve seen her put the moves on little Sammy Winchester.

But more than anything else, I love how Sam has someone to turn to. His attitude has lifted 100% from two episodes ago. He’s smiling and making actual bacon, staying up drinking too many margaritas, and now he’s ready to have some hugs.

But as one might expect from Supernatural, we all ended up with a missed connection. Castiel’s dramatic entry to the bunker flung them apart like those teens on a date getting caught with the bedroom door shut. And then Sergei and his shenanigans after Cass’ probe went super duper wrong.

But never you mind. I give you my own guarantee, this missed connection will not go on forever. We might see it again and again, in fact, I expect that. But eventually, this union will probably be some Supernatural necessity. They’ll probably have to get together to do some special Hell-retrieved-soul spell to save the universe. Hang in there, Sam and Eileen!

3. Very Russian

We’ve been getting a taste of this Castiel for a minute on Supernatural. When we were first introduced to him, we learned he was an “angel of the Lord.” And he was not messing around. He was a commander, a mega force to be reckoned with. He was on a mission and he was powerful.

All of this was before he had all of these experiences on Earth. He has learned the truth of his family and his roots. He has learned crushing things about his father and creator, God. And he has come to be a fallen angel, a mere mortal(ish) navigating the emotions of our petty existence, especially love.

Even up to his showdown with Dean in the bunker during “The Rupture,” Supernatural has been portraying Castiel as humbled, down in the dumps, and seeking purpose. That bunker scene was the last straw, sending him out the door into the world because he had no more reason to be with the Winchesters.

But it wasn’t long before Cass found his purpose again. Now, with his return to the story after a brief absence, he seems to have remembered who he is. With gusto, he burst into the bunker declaring that he wants to probe Sam’s Chuck wound. When that went horribly wrong, he was fast to call up Sergei.

Unfortunately (for Sergei), the man was unwilling. It’s not often on Supernatural that we see his character in a power struggle. From the start, he has been the classic badass Russian who has secret tricks up his sleeve to solve most any ill. He always knows a guy or has a thing.

But this time, Castiel told him, “Let me rephrase. If you don’t help me tonight, I will find you and burn you alive.” Guess who showed up at the bunker? But before that, we also saw Cass make a quick call to ask someone for a favor.

That explained itself when Sergei thought he’d use this opportunity to mess with Sam’s soul and hold the cure hostage in exchange for Death’s key (that’s another story). To this, Castiel simply said, “no.”

I loved this, and inevitably, so did everyone else. When Cass showed Sergei the picture of his niece on his phone, explaining that Bobby was watching her the whole time, the man dropped his game immediately. Eileen was also loving this Cass.

Sergei commented, “I like this you, Castiel. It’s very… Russian.” And for me, this was the very best of it. Yes, it’s true that Supernatural is still on its path of taking us backward and forward at the same time. Castiel started out as a dominating angel of the Lord, and in this episode, Sergei, using those exact words, reminded Cass that is still who he is.

Even with his waning powers, Castiel has gone full Winchester, as it should be, and found another very persuasive way to get his problem solved. He anticipated the betrayal from Sergei and was ready to shut him down.

Now for the reason, this was such a remarkable play on the part of Supernatural. Surely you’re aware that the actor who plays Castiel is Misha Collins. But did you know that Misha Collins is merely a stage name he adopted over the years?

While Collins was born right in Boston, his name is not quite as domestic. What is his birth name, you ask? Well it happens to be Dmitri Krushnic. Go ahead, Google it. I’ll just wait here.

2. A new monster

So what is a Marid? You got me. I’ll tell you what though, it looks something like a mix between a troll, a pig, and a wendigo. Gross. But leave it to Supernatural to bring us a new monster, even now as the story is wrapping up.

I can tell you one thing for sure, decapitation seems to work just fine on this nasty critter. When all else fails, cut off the head. It’s definitely the hunter’s default to give it a whirl, you know, just to check.

Lee indicated that this creature had been kept in captivity and fed blood in exchange for the fulfillment of his dreams. Right away I thought of a djinn, and as it turns out, that was for good reason.

Arabic texts speak of these things as mighty djinn type entities, rebellious devils. So it makes sense that they resemble the djinn we’ve encountered on Supernatural.

I really loved how nasty and feverish this thing was. When Dean’s blood started dripping in, that thing went absolutely wild. Now, I don’t know officially what’s going on in Dean’s body after everything bizarre he’s been through and been technically cured of. But I’ll bet that nasty troll guy was having a field day with it.

And like the other hunts before in Season 15 so far, this one was over fast. It was great that they spanned it out across the episode this time, it even took a bit to figure out what was going on. And the hunt led Dean to his old friend Lee Webb.

It was a real shame that Lee turned out to be every bit the monster as the Marid, and Dean was forced to put an end to his childhood friend. Having hunted with Dean and John for years in their youth, it was almost like a mini dose of the “kill your brother” theme we know Chuck enjoys most.

But it was worth it to see this relationship rekindle, even ending this way. The sketchy news story Dean discovered brought him to town. But the encounter between Dean and Lee was the setup for what I found to be the most memorable moment from this episode of Supernatural.

1. Jensen!Dean

If you’re a part of the SPN Family, you know that Dean’s story on Supernatural has often paid homage to Jensen’s IRL interests. We have seen references thrown into the show that are derived from his actual brewery and taproom in Texas.

But this episode of Supernatural takes the cake. When Demon!Dean spent an ungodly amount of hours singing karaoke with his new bestie, Crowley, the crowd was less than pleased. I always thought that was hilarious, knowing what I knew.

And who could forget Dean quietly mouthing the words to “Eye of the Tiger” as he hid in Baby during “Yellow Fever?” Lee made reference to it in this episode, and some (or all) of us have seen the epic behind the scenes version.

For some, this was the first idea that Jensen Ackles was quite the music-driven soul. Of course, Dean Winchester made no secret of his love of classic rock. In fact, it’s a staple of the character. But did you realize how seriously realistic this trait is?

If you are a convention-goer (or follower), you will also know that Ackles is a regular and adored installation at the Saturday night event featuring Louden Swain, the official band of the events. By the way, pretty much all the main characters of Supernatural are singers, OK?

Anyway, Dean’s old friend Lee happens to own this bar, Swayze’s (nice Roadhouse tribute). And what do you know? He basically forces Dean on stage to sing. Well ladies and gentlemen, meet Jensen!Dean Winchester.

Dean joined Lee in singing “Good Ol’ Boys” in his true, soulful Texas boy voice. This was such a treat for the fans. And surely, Ackles was thrilled to have the opportunity to shine as himself, even for a brief moment. This was by far, my favorite moment in “Last Call.” Bravo, Supernatural!

It was funny that earlier in the episode, the sheriff of the town told Dean he should try his hand at Hollywood because he has “the look.” And that’s no joke! I’m hoping this will be a tiny bit of IRL foreshadowing.

Maybe Ackles will take some of his time after Supernatural to focus on his music. I know I’ll be supportive! Even if not, I know he will not stop being his soulful self, and this was a beautiful glimpse at the Jensen Ackles many of us have been watching off set for quite a while.

We still have a lot of story ahead of us, but the top moments are getting harder and harder to filter out from these epic final episodes. Did your favorite moment make our list? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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