n case you’ve not noticed, a brand new binge-worthy series dropped on Netflix last week, and people are absolutely loving it.

There’s nothing better than finding something to settle down to watch while you’re smashing selection boxes and Baileys – and for many, V Wars is that life-saver.

To give you a look at what you’re letting yourself in for, the synopsis reads: “V Wars follows the story of the physician-scientist Dr. Luther Swann and his best friend Michael Fayn as they face the evolving crisis of a deadly outbreak that fractures society into opposing factions, potentially escalating to a future war between humans and vampires.”

And it’s certainly had an effect on people!

Creator Ian Somerhalder, who you may recall also came up with Vampire Diaries , has had another go at working with the un-dead, but the show is a little different from his first series.

Speaking to TV Line, Somerhalder said that this time, his demons aren’t the smouldering types you saw on Vampire Diaries.

He said: “These vampires are different. They’re not hundreds of years old, they’re weeks old, so there’s no historical aspect. Most of these creatures are really f***ing scary.”

Many have already binged their way through all 10 episodes, so you might be left wondering if there’s a season two on the cards?

There’s no official confirmation yet, but a recent interview with Digital Spy would suggest that there’s certainly scope for another season.

Somerhelder told the news outlet: “There’s five books here. Which is an amazing amount of source material, and it’s really well written.

“And numerous graphic novels, which also serve as a visual reference, and a story reference and a character reference.”

Sounds pretty positive to me.

Source: ladbible.com

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