Ian Somerhalder has shared a Photo from him with a mask on

The Photo which he is in with a mask on and traveling on a plane was uploaded instanltly in his Instagram account. He explains his outrage for people who do not keep simply hygiene.

The description of the Photo reads – ” This DOES absolutely SUCK. I truly hope that we get a hold on the flu and corona virus soon. Our souls, our economies, our families and our medical systems can’t take it. Life is hard enough out there. Please please please be courteous to us all. Wash your hands often, don’t sneeze, cough and hack all over public areas… That’s not cool! I’m literally watching people sneeze into their hands and wipe it on their pants and the arm rest and then reach out to me and ask for a picture! Who does that!? I’m mean I love you all but come on 😌We’re all in this together! There are older people, people with compromised immune systems and of course those of us that have babies that are so susceptible. Help protect them. Please and as always THANK YOU!
Your friend, Ian”

The Photo is Below:

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