At the age of 50, Jim Parsons can look back at quite the career. However, it seems like the actor is still very hungry, taking on different role since The Big Bang Theory ended – while taking an interest for a role behind the camera as well.

In the following, we’re going to take a closer look at Jim’s life since the sitcom ended. We’ll reveal how quick he was to leave LA following the end of TBBT. We’re also going to take a closer look at the offers that came in following the sitcom, and which proposals Parsons wasn’t eager to accept.

Finally, we’ll take a look at his current career, and which projects he’s most proud of since The Big Bang Theory came to an end.

Jim Parsons Moved Back To New York Once The Big Bang Theory Ended

It seems like Jim Parsons wasted no time heading back to New York once The Big Bang Theory came to an end. Speaking alongside The Hollywood Reporter, Jim revealed that he was on a flight out of LA just a day after his finishing touches for The Big Bang Theory.

“We did our final performance on a Tuesday night. On Wednesday, we did the handprints and stuff at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Thursday morning, I was on a plane out of L.A.”

Parsons had praise for Chuck Lorre and his involvement with The Big Bang Theory. Jim credited the showrunner for giving the sitcom such a lengthy run, and a lot of it had to do with his expertise on television.

“With Chuck, I was always impressed with how rhythmically gifted he is. He brings a lot of things to the work he does, but so much of the success of his sitcoms is that he understands how to keep them moving along musically. They play like a good pop song. They’re worth repeating, and you can dance to them.”

Following The Big Bang Theory, Parsons took on different projects that fans of the sitcom weren’t used to. Nonetheless, Jim got honest about the offers he received after the show and according to the actor, there weren’t as many as most fans assumed.

Jim Parsons Admitted That Offers Did Come In After The Big Bang Theory, But There Wasn’t “A Ton”

Jim Parsons already had a film lined up following The Big Bang Theory. However, he did reveal that the offers weren’t as heavy in volume compared to what most expected.

“I already knew I was doing the movie version of The Boys in the Band with Ryan Murphy. And during that, Ryan asked if I would do Hollywood. I had a few offers, but it wasn’t tons.”

Jim would also reveal alongside THR that nothing really felt right at the time either. “Nothing seemed to fit or feel like the right thing to do next. Then I got an email asking if I had any interest in doing this play, A Man of No Importance, with John Doyle directing. I’d seen his Sweeney Todd and his Company, which I adored. It’s new to me to have the reason for doing something just be, I want to work with a director.”

These days Jim is still involved with Young Sheldon, while he also played the role of Michael Ausiello in Spoiler Alert in 2022. In terms of upcoming projects, IMDb lists Just by Looking at Him as Jim’s next role. The film is currently in the pre-production phase.

Jim Parsons Admitted That His Days On Television Likely Ended Following The Big Bang Theory

It seems to be a question lots of fans have in mind, will Jim Parsons ever return to TV or a sitcom? Given the schedule, and the fact that he did it for over a decade, it seems fair that the actor is steering in the other direction. Parsons remains content with his work on TBBT, however, he doubts he’ll return to TV in the near future, or ever.

“At this point, no. It was a wonderful ride and I never disliked a day of it. But what my spirit has been craving is new people, new experiences. I exercised the muscles of an ensemble that went on for 12 years. Now I want to be surprised.”

Jim Parsons is proud of his work following The Big Bang Theory, especially given the fact that he has played the role of a gay man in most of his roles since the show ended.

“It’s the jobs I’ve been doing — The Boys in the Band, that fascinating character in Hollywood, Spoiler Alert and now this play. I’ve portrayed a gay man in all of them. And, not so long ago, I would’ve been like, “Well, isn’t that lovely, to only be offered gay roles.” But these characters have been so rich that I’ve been able to make discoveries and realizations about my personal growth and humanity. I don’t want to sound airy-fairy, but it’s true. It’s all offered me opportunities to explore my place in this world and in this industry. The sensation of growth is what has brought me the most happiness in my work lately.”


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