The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons shares that he once auditioned for a part in The Office US.

Both huge successes in the sitcom world, the two shows often make appearances in ‘best of the 2000s’ lists, so Parsons didn’t necessarily miss out when you think about it.

The actor spoke about his try-out during a recent interview with ET Canada, although it’s unclear which role it was for.

The Hollywood star admitted that he initially didn’t see the point in remaking Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s cult hit way back when.

“I was like, ‘How stupid, it’s about an office. If America wanted their own office show, they would have already made it by now’,” he recalled.

“So I’m not good at telling what’s going to stay or not.”

Having concluded seven years ago, fans of The Office US are keeping their fingers crossed for a revival sometime in the near future.

However, back in May, showrunner Greg Daniels shared his thoughts on why this probably won’t happen.

He explained: “I went back to run the show in season 9 after discussing it with the main cast and part of our idea was we were gonna wrap it up, you know, we were gonna write towards the finale and have an ending, and so a lot of the characters left the office and we went forward by a year, we found out where everybody was.”

In other words, there’s no reason to go back.