Big Sky season one spoilers follow.

Big Sky has confirmed that one star has been upped to series regular for the upcoming second season.

Omar Metwally’s character Mark Lindor appeared to be left for dead in the season one finale, though it’s now been confirmed that he will definitely be back next time round (via TVLine).

The US Marshal character only joined the show midway through the first season, and it looks like he will play a much bigger role in events going forward.

The news comes after the recent finale, which saw the detectives led into a trap by Ronald (Brian Geraghty), with Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) shot in the ensuing fracas.

With her fate left up in the air, hope remains that she is still alive, especially after the Lindor news and the fact that Big Sky previously brought back Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch).

“That was something that came up in the writers’ room, which is: You shot a major character in the head and the next week he was up and running,” executive producer Elwood Reid previously said. “Not up and running, but he was back.

“It’s pretty bad for her,” he added. “And it’s also pretty bad for Cassie because she’s chasing after some pretty bad guys, including Ronald. We don’t know who this mysterious group is that broke him out.

“Both women are in jeopardy. Nobody’s off limits; everybody’s fair game. We’re going to go that way right to the end of the show – ride or die with that ethos.”


By Ivaylo Angelov

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