Blake Lively has commented on the reports that she might be appearing in the new Gossip Girl remake. The actress famously starred in the hit original show as Serena van der Woodsen, which became her breakout role.

Since news of the reboot was confirmed, there’s naturally been much speculation as to which of the original cast members might make an appearance in the new series. Kristen Bell has been confirmed as returning as the show’s anonymous all-seeing narrator.

Sadly for fans, it seems that Lively won’t be joining her. The actress clarified that she’s “not involved” in the project at the premiere of her new film, The Rhythm Section, this week.
Section, this week.


When asked by E!News about the reboot she responded: “I think it is happening… I don’t know, I’m not a producer, I’m not involved. You’ve got to call them!”

However, it seems that the van der Woodsen door is definitely being left open according to Josh Schwartz, who worked on the original series and is returning to executive produce the reboot.


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