Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Sarah Michelle Gellar is open to returning to her Sex and the City character and walking into the fashionable world of And Just Like That.

Gellar played junior development executive Debbie back in 2000 in the season three episode ‘Escape From New York’, grabbing a drink with Carrie Bradshaw in a bar.

Much like her on-screen character who pitched the idea of a movie adaptation of Carrie’s column starring none other than Matthew McConaughey in the episode, Gellar has pitched a potential return during in an interview – with her character Debbie sure to be a high-powered film studio owner now.

The star recently told Entertainment Tonight: “I feel like the [development] girl, which is what she was then, is probably running a studio, and maybe she has a place to come back.”

Currently slaying it in the role of Kristin Ramsey in the teen drama Wolf Pack, Gellar said that it was a struggle to film the Sex and the City scene alongside her busy Buffy schedule.

“I was desperate to be on it, and Darren [Starr] had written me a couple roles, and I couldn’t get out of Buffy to film, and I was really upset. And he said to me, ‘We’re coming to LA. I’ll make it work’, so he wrote this role,” she said.

Gellar commented on the gruelling schedule to make the short scene work, adding: “I had a 10pm call time for Sex and the City, and I said, ‘Are you gonna get to me?’, because I had been working since five in the morning.

“I got there at 10pm. They got to me at 5am or 4.30am the next day, so I was delirious doing that scene, but I was also deliriously excited.”

New filming pictures from season 2 of And Just Like That show that Aidan Shaw is returning, so there could be hope for Gellar yet.

This isn’t the only project the star has spoken about returning to, having recently responded to rumours of potentially returning to I Know What You Did Last Summer for its sequel.

Source: digitalspy.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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