Denys Randall shows up in the Outlander books, but will his storyline be included in Outlander Season 7? Is there a need for the character?

During An Echo in the Bone, we meet Denys Randall-Isaacs. Does the name sound familiar? It should.

Denys is the son of Mary Hawkins and Alexander Randall. However, he and everyone else believes that he is the son of Captain Jonathan Randall, also known as Black Jack Randall. This is all due to the events that happened in Dragonfly in Amber/Outlander Season 2.

We catch up with him in the Colonies, where he initially goes by Randall-Isaacs after taking his stepfather’s surname. In Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, he drops Isaacs after his stepfather’s death.

The question now is whether we’ll see the character in the TV series. Is there any need to see him?

Will Denys Randall’s story be included in Outlander Season 7?
The series has a lot to do to condense storylines. There are only 26 episodes to the series left, and there is a lot to cover with the end of A Breath of Snow and Ashes and the rest of the books. It’s likely that the series will need to cut out characters that aren’t really that needed.

Denys is one of those characters. We see him twice in the books with William. The first time, he leaves William in Quebec. The second time, it’s to warn William about not trusting Captain Richardson.

Anyone could take on those roles. In the book (and even in the show), it’s great to see how the past characters continue in certain ways. We get to see their descendants. However, there isn’t always time for this. Instead of trying to explain connections—while fast in this case, it’s still an explanation necessary—it’s just much easier to give some of these smaller moments in the book to characters we already know or less important characters our main characters pass along the way.

There have been no casting announcements for Denys just yet, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be included. We’ll have to wait until the summer to find out.


By Damyan Ivanov

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