Netflix’s popular German-language thriller is returning for a third and final season.

It’s the beginning of the end for “Dark,” Netflix’s popular German-language sci-fi thriller series. The streaming service has unveiled the trailer for the show’s upcoming third and final season, which will premiere on Netflix on June 27.

The “Dark” Season 3 release date is plenty appropriate, given that “an apocalypse” was intended to occur in the series on June 27, 2020. The show’s sophomore season ending with the beginning of the apocalypse and a shocking twist that other planets may exist. The third season’s new trailer promises to answer all questions when the time is right, but until then, Netflix is keeping things cryptic. Here’s the streamer’s description of Season 3: The time-twisting madness reaches its conclusion in a strange new world, where some things are quite familiar — and others are disturbingly not.

“Dark,” Netflix’s first German-language series, has built a considerable following since its first season premiered in 2017. Series co-creator Jantje Friese discussed the series in an interview with IndieWire last year, where she expressed surprise at the series’ global popularity, given that it is a German-language series that twists and turns through multiple timelines.

“When we started with the show, obviously we weren’t sure whether we were going to get any audience because it’s just such an unusual narrative,” said Friese. “We weren’t 100 percent convinced that we would get people [away] from the second screen and actually take the time and investment to watch what’s going on. And also why would they like weird German-language things? In the development process we never thought of it as [just] a German show. We always approached it as a global show, but we never, never, never expected that kind of success.”

It’s not just dedicated fans of sci-fi and time travel who have taken to the show, either. Critic Hanh Nguyen praised the series in her B+ review for IndieWire last year, where she praised the show’s themes and characters.

“Despite all of the time travelers gadding about where they don’t belong and the mind- and time-bending activities, devoted fans of ‘Dark’ will only be inspired to dig in more,” Nguyen said in her review. “The characters are just far too compelling to abandon in their never-ending hours of need, and the challenge of having these characters break the cycle is also a draw. While ‘Dark’ probably won’t solve humanity’s biggest philosophical conundrums, it does offer an existential playground that few other shows dare venture into.”

Check out the trailer for “Dark” Season 3 below: