Dexter Morgan Takes on New Identity [TRAILER]

Showtime is prepping for the revival of its cult hit series, Dexter. Back in 2013, the show left us with Dexter Morgan exiled in the woods as a lumberjack. The latest trailer for the comeback series shows the character in a new setting with the urge to kill.

In the trailer, Dexter walks through town as Jim Lindsay. The residents of this small quiet town have grown fond of Jimmy, Jimbo, and Mr. Lindsey, as they call him. Things seem to be going well for Dexter under this new identity. However, as he passes by a knife shop, viewers get an eerie sense that Dexter’s old killer ways are still brewing inside.

There’s no return date for Dexter yet, but according to Showtime, the limited series will likely premiere sometime this fall.

Watch the latest trailer below:


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