Eric Kripke isn’t just interested in a Supernatural reunion—he’s “all in,” that is if he can find more stories worth telling. Speaking with Collider’s Christina Radish at the press junket for Season 4 of The Boys, Kripke gave his two cents on not just potentially rebooting the long-running CW show but also about what he has in mind for Jared Padalecki’s hopeful appearance on The Boys now that Walker has been canceled. Jumping from one major project to the next, Padalecki hardly took a breath following the Supernatural series finale back in 2020 before charging forward to The CW’s Walker, Texas Ranger reimagining. Now, fans (and Kripke) are hoping he’ll finally have the time to do what’s right and make – at the very least – a cameo appearance on the diabolical Prime Video series.

As for what Kripke has envisioned for his old pal, it sounds like he’s already had the wheels turning,

“I don’t have a specific role yet, but I have the will, and where there’s the will, there’s the way. I don’t know whether it would be recurring or just one episode , but I can’t imagine I’ll finish the show, whenever it ends, without getting Jared in there, at least once. He’s been unavailable for years now, and now he is [available], so I definitely wanna bring him in for something.”

For now, we can rest assured that Kripke has at the very least one more season to strong-arm Padalecki into joining the wild antics of The Boys, as the show has already been renewed for a fifth season ahead of the arrival of its fourth. Last time we caught up with Padalecki, he said he would be open to returning, he just needs plenty of gym time to get completely shredded first. And, now that Walker is riding off into the Texas sunset, he’ll certainly have more free time on his hands.

The (Winchester) Boys Are Back In Town?

Over more than a decade of walking into work day in and day out to play a pair of demon-hunting brothers in Supernatural, the bromance between Padalecki and Jensen Ackles became one of the cutest celebrity friendships we’ve ever seen. The duo hit a bump in the road when Ackles and Danneel Ackles, Ackles’ partner in both business and love, didn’t consult Padalecki before moving forward with their Supernatural spin-off series, The Winchesters. But now, that’s all water under the bridge and the brotherly duo are as close as close can be (phew).

Both Ackles and Padalecki have hinted they would be interested in bringing Supernatural back to TV screens and, now that they’ve both had a break from the lives of the Winchester boys for a few years, could it finally be time? While nothing has been confirmed yet, Kripke says he’s totally on board with the pair pushing forward and might even want to be involved again himself.

“ Of course, I’d want to see it. Whether I’m a part of it depends on, could I find something fresh about it that I have never seen before? Obviously, I’ve told a lot of those stories, but if there was something out there that really surprised me, I love that universe , and I’d be interested in looking at that. It’s tricky to find what story in that universe hasn’t been told, but if someone can find one, I’m all in, baby.”

The Boys returns for a chaotically delightful fourth season on June 13 with a three-episode premiere. You can learn everything there is to know about the upcoming installment in our handy guide and catch up on the last three seasons now on Prime Video.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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