It wouldn’t really be NYCC without some kind of visit with the Outlander cast. The show has been a presence at the con for the last several years, and thankfully New York Comic Con 2022 did not go by without it. Yes, actor Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) was present.

Heughan joined fellow actors Duncan Lacroix (Murtagh) and David Berry (Lord John Grey) for a panel titled, “Sunday Morning Tea With Two Highlanders and a Lord.” The author of the Outlander book series, Diana Gabaldon, was present as well.

Before the panel even began, there was chaos. A legion of fans fought over seating, proving once again that no one should ever, ever, mess with a determined Outlander fan. The room exploded in cheers when Heughan, Lacroix, Berry, and Gabaldon took the stage. Heughan may have caused the biggest outburst, if you can believe it.

“The historical side for me is really interesting,” Heughan said of what makes the show stand out. It has had six seasons so far, with a seventh on the way. Berry confirmed that his character would be returning for the new season.

“It’s about family,” Lacroix said, speaking of the cast as well as the fandom. Heughan said that both he and co-lead Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser) were a bit naive in the beginning, but the reality of being in such a big show hit them not long after they started. “We did an event very early on… a small event… ” he said, adding, “…and there were thousands of people there, and it just blew us away.”

Gabaldon (currently working on the 10th book in the series) once told both Heughan and Balfe that she has “never had a bad fan experience.” She also remarked that the book series wasn’t impacted by the show, but that when she initially watched it she thought, “they got it right.” For her, writing scripts for the show is “dead easy” compared to writing the books, mostly because of the actors.

How did last season go for the actors? “Season 6 was one of the hardest seasons to shoot,” Heughan said. “It was really tough, the subject material, I mean the Christies… I wouldn’t invite them around for dinner. Not many laughs come when you’re working with the Christies.”

One of Berry’s first days of shooting was when he met Claire and Jamie, and it was in a room packed with extras. “We went a bit loopy that day,” he said, adding that this happened right after being in quarantine for quite a while.

Lacroix is thankful that his character lasted as long as he did, especially since he never leaves Scotland in the book series. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be returning, though. As Lacroix said, “I don’t think Murtagh will be adding any more to the series.”

“I’ll see what I can do about Murtagh’s ghost,” Gabaldon said, referring to the 10th book.

Outlander Season 7 is filming now.


By Damyan Ivanov

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