Game of Thrones firmly divided fans with its series finale as we finally discovered the fate of our favourite characters after eight seasons of dragons and death.

One of the biggest points of contention was of course the identity of the person who ended up sitting on the coveted Iron Throne, which was one of the central questions of the entire HBO saga (although technically nobody got to sit on it for long as it was destroyed).

While some fans were disappointed not to see one of the show’s most popular characters Jon Snow take the throne, the actor who plays him reckons it was the right call to have Jon be banished back to the north following his assassination of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) rather than claim the Iron Throne.

Speaking to Twitter user @purple_dwagon in a video chat, actor Kit Harington said that he doesn’t think his character could ever have been happy ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

“When people say to me ‘I wish you had been on the Throne’ or ‘I wish you had been with Dany on the Throne’ I would disagree, because Jon’s place was always in the north,” he said. “He would never have been happy in the south.

“He’s been saddled with this weight all the way through the series and he’s this heavy character – he’s literally got a cloak on and he’s heavy. And what I wanted with that last bit is for there to be this lightness about him,” he explained. “It’s all falling off, this terrible thing that he’s been through is all falling off as he goes north of the Wall. I could go on about this for hours!”

Fans will know that Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) ended up emerging as the unlikely ruler of the Six Kingdoms, with the North being independently ruled by his sister Sansa (Sophie Turner) as its queen.

Harington also admitted that he still hasn’t seen the final season of the show over a year after it aired, which is really quite an impressive feat.