THE BIG BANG THEORY concluded after an impressive run of 12 seasons. Fans have been waiting for a comeback ever since, but a major star has unfortunately confirmed there are no plans for a reunion special yet.

Mayim Bialik played Sheldon Cooper’s love interest Amy Farrah Fowler for nine seasons of The Big Bang Theory. In a recent interview, the comedy star reminisced about her time on the iconic CBS series, and dropped some bad news about a potential cast reunion. Although the series continues with spiritual successor Young Sheldon, fans are unlikely to see the original cast return to screens together any time soon.

Amy Farrah Fowler was introduced in season three alongside new recurring cast member Melissa Rauch as Bernadette.

The new characters were added to the roster of popular geeky characters as romantic partners for Howard (played by Simon Helberg) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and were eventually just as beloved as the original cast.

Sheldon and Amy’s long-running romance evolved slowly throughout the length of the popular sitcom and became one of the main draws bringing fans back each week.

The scientific pair concluded the series perfectly by being awarded the Nobel Prize in the season 12 finale, The Stockholm Syndrome.

Although Mayim and Jim Parsons have since reunited to produce their new show Call Me Kat, the star confirmed fans shouldn’t expect a Big Bang reunion any time soon.

Speaking to she said: “Right now, Jim Parsons and I are producing a show Call Me Kat, so that’s technically where my life is.

“Again, there’s a lot of legal stuff which is very boring about why shows do have reunions and don’t, but I think it’s probably too soon.”

Rumours of a Big Bang Theory reunion were ignited when it was confirmed a comeback special for popular sitcom Friends would be available alongside the release of new streaming service HBO Max.

Unfortunately, the reunion special was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the cast are expected to begin filming at the end of the summer.

Meanwhile, other shows have been reuniting for table reads and charity video chats during the ongoing lockdown, such as the cast of meta college comedy Community.

Sadly, it seems Big Bang Theory fans shouldn’t expect a similar television event from the geeky cast of the CBS sitcom.

Mayim also reached out to her former co-star Kaley Cuoco when she posted an emotional tribute to her star-making comedy show on Instagram a year after the finale was released.

Kaley said: “A year ago today we aired our BBT series finale .. people ask me every day, was it hard to move on? Was I sad? Happy?

“How could I do anything else after? How would it compare? Do I miss it?

“The truth is, the show changed my life in 100 different ways and no matter where my career takes me, I will always owe it to this show and the brains behind it.”

Mayim commented ‘I miss us!’ while their other co-star Kunal Nayyar added ‘Miss you sis’.

The series launched the careers of both Mayim Bialik and Kaley Cuoco, but sadly the pair are unlikely to share the screen again for some time.

In the meantime, Sheldon star Jim Parsons can be seen in Ryan Murphy’s new revisionist history series Hollywood, while the world of The Big Bang Theory continues in prequel series Young Sheldon.

Kaley Cuoco has since begun voicing popular DC character Harley Quinn in the animated series of the same name, while Mayim Bialik will lead new sitcom Call Me Kat, based on UK series Miranda, in 2021.